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Creamy Fish Vegetable Soup

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Creamy Fish Vegetable Soup01

What I most like about soups is that they can be a well-balanced meal, a light one of course. It contains fibres and proteins I need. When I spotted the fresh and nice ling fillets on sale at Woolworths, I grabbed one large piece back home without hesitation, then whipped up this soup. The ling fillet is firm and won’t be easily broken apart along the way of cooking. Yet you can choose whatever fish fillet you like if you want to try out this soup. This creamy fish soup is delicious, and can be served with crusty bread.
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Homemade Chicken Stock

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Homemade Chicken Stock01

Chicken stock is nutritious and delicious on its own. It can also help to form a rich-flavoured base of any savoury dishes. Many of my readers and fans asked me where I get the chicken stock, whether I made it myself. When you are too tired or don’t have time to cook, the store-bought stock might be your first choice. I’m quite fond of using Campbell’s chicken stock (Hong Kong version 史雲生) for making Chinese dishes, especially for noodle soups, or the salt-reduced Campbell’s chicken stock (Australia) to make other dishes.

Homemade chicken stock is another choice. It’s quite simple and doesn’t take too much time than you expect. Best of all, you can have the real unsalted stock with rich flavours. All you need is to make use of some leftover chicken bones (carcass) and vegetables. You can use a whole chicken if you like of course. Put all ingredients in a large pot for several hours of slow cooking. Refrigerate or freeze it until you’re ready to use them.
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