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Chicken Wings in Lemon & Ginger Sauce

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Here comes her favourite dish, chicken wings in lemon and ginger sauce. The taste of this dish that is mainly sweet & sour, blended with the heat of ginger makes the chicken wings irresistible.

Chicken Wings in Lemon & Ginger Sauce

It seems that chicken wings won’t be enough whenever they are cooked for my family.

My daughter is a chicken wing lover. As it’s quite easy to cook and there are many different ways of cooking chicken wings, I love cooking for her.

I think I have to double the size if I cook this dish again. While eating the wings, my daughter asked me why I hadn’t cooked more. The quantity listed here was not even enough for her, let alone for the whole family. Huh….
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Taro Cake (Chinese New Year)

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Taro cake (aka yam cake) is also one of popular snacks in Hong Kong, that can be easily found in Chinese restaurants. The Chinese word of 糕(gao, means cake or pudding)sounds the same as “rising”, ” growth”, “achieving higher level” in all endeavours. No wonder why Chinese people like eating all kinds of cakes, including this one during Chinese New year season.

Taro Cake

I have been very busy with cooking Chinese New Year cakes for the past few days. Taro is my favourite food, so it couldn’t be missed out on my cooking list for Chinese New Year.

The taro used here was the leftover after making the Taro & Pearl Dessert, and was kept in the freezer until now. It’s indeed a good one, after cooking for a little while, it turned tender enough to my taste. Although it’s not the favourite of my daughter, she still liked to eat some because of the accompanied XO sauce. If any dish can go with any sauce, she would like to eat. Haha…

Today is the first day of The year of the Ox, coincidentally falls on Australia Day!
Wish you all a prosperous and happy Chinese New Year! Happy “Niu” Year! (“Niu” means ox in Chinese Mandarin, sounds like “new”)
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Salmon Fried Rice (Quick Lunch)

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Salmon Fried Rice02

Eating raw salmon is our family’s first choice when dining out in Japanese restaurants. We'll make sure they are really fresh and clean of course. Well, this salmon fried rice would be the second one then. With this rice, I can easily feed my family on a small budget. I also tried this dish at home, pretty easy and quick. Best of all, I made this quite-good-looking bowl of fried rice by using the leftovers in my fridge, feeling to have an achievement of being a housewife. Heehee..
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Changed Blog Title: From Easy Recipes to Christine’s Recipes

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Just a quick note that the title of this blog was changed from Easy Recipes to Christine’s Recipes. Why? It’s simply because I’d like this blog sounds more unique and personal. All other things on this blog remain the same. That means I’ll keep on sharing easy and simple recipes that I experimented as usual.

Many thanks to all of you for your support!
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Stir-fried Eggplants with Basil (Taiwanese Style Vegetarian Dish)

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Stir-fired Eggplants with Basil

My experience in eating and cooking with herbs was totally changed because of this dish, eggplants with basil. I was not really into the smell of basil before, not hating it, but I wouldn’t classify it as my favourite. Well, my impression of basil was dramatically changed once I tasted this dish.

Every time when I dined out with my family in any Taiwanese restaurants. They would pick and eat all the basil in the plate, if any. There came a special time, they ordered a dish of eggplants with basil. They urged me to try one or two bites. They said it wouldn’t hurt. I didn’t know why I listened to them at that time. I just tried a bit, immediately I love the taste. The fragrance and sweetness of basil totally reset my memory and change my preference. I love eating basil ever since. Now, whenever I think I can add basil, I would definitely add some in my cooking. I even started to grow several plants of basil in my backyard a few weeks ago. Am I addicted to eating basil right now?
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Pan-fried Buns with Chives and Minced Pork Filling

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Pan-fried Buns with Chives and Minced Pork

Ever tried this delicious Chinese pan-fried pork buns (韭菜豬肉餡餅)? You might have known or even tried the famous and popular Chinese dumplings (餃子 jiaozi). Dumplings and buns are two different kinds of Chinese snacks anyway. The pan-fried buns shown here are more or less like pan-fried dumplings (煎餃子 jian jiaoz) in taste, with totally different shape and texture. Well, the ingredients called for in this recipe are similar to making pan-fried dumplings. Even better, you don’t need to worry about the appearance of them whether they would look good or not, because it’s pretty easy to seal the buns. Best of all, you can wrap as much meat as you like for meat lovers who would really enjoy the juicy and succulent filling inside, yet with thinner wrapper outside.
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Mini Banana Walnut Muffins

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Banana Walnut Muffins

Muffin is one of my family’s favourite snacks, simple and easy to make. My daughter just likes them baked with bananas. And I love walnuts very much. So, I planned to put both of them together to suit the taste of both of us. Yet, this plan was aborted! Why? She protested to eat any walnuts in her muffins. I simply put some walnuts in mine and hers just with bananas. Problem solved !
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Fried Chicken with Ginger (Japanese Style)

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Fried Chicken with Ginger

This dish is very like Japanese cuisine, actually evolved from the previous recipe, Japanese Pork Chops in Ginger Sauce. This recipe calls for hashed ginger, not grated ginger sauce, that would make chicken fillet much more unique in taste. You can use ginger sauce if you don’t like it too hot in taste, of course.
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Best Pancakes (Favorite Dessert for Afternoon Tea)

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I really like to commend these pancakes because they were made by my lovely daughter for our afternoon tea the other day. I had no idea of where she found this recipe. Before she headed into our kitchen, I suggested that she could use cake flour instead of plain flour as it would make a big difference in producing softer and smoother pancakes. And she did take my advice. (Hehe…. )The pancakes that she made tasted delicious and looked perfect.

Despite of enjoying the pancakes, the very best part that I enjoyed was being served by my daughter. What a precious experience that I’d treasure in my heart! I believe she would cook better than me some day.
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Happy New Year

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While 2008 winding down, I'd like to say THANK YOU to those who visit this blog frequently or just drop by coincidentally. On this blog, Easy Recipes, although I have not posted as frequently as on my other recipe blog in Chinese, I know many of my readers are very loyal and keep checking out if there are any recipes translated and published here. Many thanks to you all! I hope that I can squeeze more time to do what I’d like to do in 2009, like posting more frequently on Easy Recipes.

Vanilla Ice Cream with Sparkling Apple Juice

Wish you have a wonderful and happy new year. 
Eat well, cook with joy and enjoy good health!

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