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Butter Buns (with Tips on making fresh buns for breakfast)

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These butter buns are very popular in Hong Kong restaurants and fascinated by those who love soft and fluffy breads. They are perfect for breakfasts, going with eggs and ham, together with a cup of tea or coffee.

Butter Buns01

To make these butter buns, it’s pretty straight forward and simple, easier than the Tangzhong bread. Just knead all ingredients into a dough.

The trick to get soft and fluffy texture you’re after is that make sure your dough passes the membrane test (aka windowpane test). You can stretch your dough into a thin translucent membrane without breaking it. That means your dough has been kneaded well and enough gluten is developed.

Upon the first bite of your lovely soft buns, you’d realize it’s worth every ounce of effort.
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Snow Fungus, Papaya and Lotus Seeds Dessert Soup

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I grew up with this traditional Chinese dessert, Snow Fungus and Papaya dessert Soup. You still can find it in some Hong Kong dessert restaurants or Chinese Dim Sum restaurants. This dessert dish is very delicious and will bring an amazingly soothing and nourishing effect on our body. 

Snow fungus has many different names, like white fungus, silver ear, snow ear or silver ear fungus, 雪耳/銀耳 in Chinese. Snow fungus is just like other kinds of edible fungus, tasteless on its own. Its smooth and gelatinous texture after boiled is quite nice though. Snow fungus contains dietary fibre and helps lower cholesterol and keep our skin look younger.
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Ginseng Goji Chicken Soup (Instant Pot + Stove Top Recipe)

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This Ginseng Goji Chicken Soup (花旗參杞子雞湯) is one of my favourite traditional Chinese ones that I enjoyed so much throughout the year. The soup is commonly simmered for long hours to intensify the flavours.

The ginseng has lots of health benefits. Study shows that ginseng can help to boost our immune system and lower blood sugar levels. Ginseng tastes a subtle bitterness, striking a balance of the sweetness of goji berries and candied dates in the soup. After seasoning with a bit of sea salt, this chicken soup tastes so good.
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Long Yan and Goji Tea

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It is a traditional Chinese natural cure for insomnia handed down from generations. I love the sweet fragrant smell of long yan. It’s very appetizing and comforting.

Long Yan and Goji Tea01

Long yan (also known as longan, “gui yuan” 桂圓 in Chinese) is a popular tropical fruit. The flesh is very sweet and juicy. I and my family like to eat it fresh, even though it’s quite pricey here in Australia.

The dried ones, dark brown in colour, are less expensive, good for making Chinese soups, desserts and teas.

In Chinese medicine, long yan is a natural cure for insomnia. Goji (aka wolfberry, or Goji berries, 枸杞 in Chinese) is also found good for eye health, giving your a feeling of calmness and quality of sleep.
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Steamed Eggs with Dried Scallops

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The smooth, silky steamed eggs infused with the heavenly tasty smell of dried scallops, goes very well with rice.

Steamed Eggs with Dried Scallops01

Dried scallops (or conpoy) are made from the abductor muscle of scallops, a prized delicacy in Hong Kong Cantonese cooking. For those who are interested in knowing more about this priced seafood, please hop over and read this article about dried scallops on Wikipedia.
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Braised Chicken Wings with Potatoes

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If you’ve lived in Hong Kong for a while, you would’ve known this dish, Braised Chicken Wings with Potatoes, or tasted it before. It’s so homey and tasty dish.

I miss this braised chicken wing dish so much. If you’ve lived in Hong Kong for a while, you would’ve known this dish or tasted it before. It’s so homey and tasty.

Oftentimes, my mum used to chop the wings into halves when she cooked this dish. I just love every bit of it and don’t want to waste every drop of the sauce, so I mixed it with my bowl of rice.

This dish is so easy to make. There is a tricky point though. The potatoes could become quite mushy after braising. Chefs in Chinese restaurants will deep fry potatoes briefly beforehand in order to keep the shape.

Braised Chicken Wings with Potatoes Procedures

In home cooking, we opt for using lesser oil if possible. How to go about it then? I’d share a simple tip below the recipe. If you have any other methods, you’re welcome to share in the comments.
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Lemon Job’s Tears Tea/Drink

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This lemon Job’s tears tea is both appetizing and refreshing. I love its lemony aroma and mild natural sweetness, helping to lift up my spirit.

Lemon Job's Tears Drink01

Job’s tears are traditionally used for ages in Chinese home cooking. It becomes a rising healthy star in the recent food scene. Not only it can help to improve indigestion, diarrhea, and trouble urinating, but also lower cholesterol and prevent cancer. More and more western people try to incorporate these tiny grains in drinks, salad or porridge.
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