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Honey Balsamic Chicken Wings

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Combining Chinese light soy sauce, Italian Balsamic vinegar, Thai Sriracha sauce and fragrant honey, this chicken wing dish is so flavoursome.

Honey Balsamic Chicken Wings01

There are countless methods of cooking chicken wings. It could be Asian, Western or Asian-Western fusion ways.

No matter what way I use, I aim to get the best taste to feed my family. Combining Chinese light soy sauce, Italian Balsamic vinegar, Thai Sriracha sauce and fragrant honey, this chicken wing dish is so flavoursome.

Honey Balsamic Chicken Wings Procedures
Top left: Balsamic vinegar and honey.

The family didn’t want to waste a tiny drop of the honey-balsamic sauce on the plate.
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Dumplings in Red Oil/Chilli Oil (紅油抄手)

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This classic Szechuan dish - boiled dumplings in red oil (紅油抄手) is very easy to make. The silky smooth wonton skin is so adorable.

Dumplings in Chilli Oil01

If you’re into something hot, these dumplings are for you. Even though spicy foods are not my most favourite, I’m so intrigued by the red-hue chilli oil in this classic Szechuan dish - boiled dumplings in red oil / chilli oil (紅油抄手).

Dumplings in Chilli Oil02

The silky smooth wonton skin is so adorable. You won’t easily feel enough because the well-balanced chilli sauce helps cut through the meat wrapped in dumplings. Mind you that it might get you hooked.
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Char Siu Pastry (Cheater’s Version)

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This char siu pastry (char siu sou) is a traditional dim sum, made with flaky pastry and juicy bbq pork. Armed with this easy recipe, you can make some and enjoy with a cup of your favourite teat at home at any time.

Char Siu Pastry01

Char siu pastry (aka char siu sou, 叉燒酥 in Chinese) is easily found at Chinese yum cha restaurants in Hong Kong or overseas. The juicy char siu (BBQ pork) is wrapped inside flaky pastries made with lard or shortening. You can tell how delicious and awesome the pastry will be.

With this easy-to-make recipe, you can skip all the fussy steps and make some awesome and flaky char siu pastry on the go.
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Lemon Garlic Chicken Thighs (One-Pan Dish)

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These chicken thighs were cooked with lemon, garlic and my favourite herds, rosemary and thyme. My kitchen was full of the fragrant smell, increasing the appetite of the whole family.

Lemon Garlic Chicken Thighs01

I’m getting to love one-pan dish more and more. It’s handy and save up energy to do cleaning up, just like one-plate dish.

The taste of one-pan dish won’t be comprised at all, still very delicious.
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Long Yan and Goji Tea

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It is a traditional Chinese natural cure for insomnia handed down from generations. I love the sweet fragrant smell of long yan. It’s very appetizing and comforting.

Long Yan and Goji Tea01

Long yan (also known as longan, “gui yuan” 桂圓 in Chinese) is a popular tropical fruit. The flesh is very sweet and juicy. I and my family like to eat it fresh, even though it’s quite pricey here in Australia.

The dried ones, dark brown in colour, are less expensive, good for making Chinese soups, desserts and teas.

In Chinese medicine, long yan is a natural cure for insomnia. Goji (aka wolfberry, or Goji berries, 枸杞 in Chinese) is also found good for eye health, giving your a feeling of calmness and quality of sleep.
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Cantonese Sticky Rice Dumplings (Video 廣東鹹肉糭)

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When I first learned to wrap sticky rice dumplings (鹹肉糭) for celebrating Dragon Boat festival, this was the easiest method I went for. It's so much fun. The dumplings tasted so great.

Cantonese Sticky Rice Dumplings01

Sticky rice dumpling (Zongzi 糭子 in Chinese) is a classic Chinese food often eaten for celebrating Dragon Boat Festival. It’s mainly made of glutinous rice, stuffed with seasoned pork belly, salted duck egg yolks or many different fillings, then wrapped in bamboo leaves, cooked in boiling water.

My family especially loves the Cantonese sticky rice dumplings and would love to have them all the time through out the year, either for breakfast or lunch.

Cantonese Sticky Rice Dumplings02

There are two camps of how to eat these dumplings, dipping with soy sauce or going with white sugar. So, guess which way my family loves to go for? Sugar. In fact, either way is fantastic and delicious.
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Hot and Sour Soup (酸辣湯)

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No matter the weather is cold or hot, this classic hot and sour soup, originated from Sichuan China, is suitable for every occasion throughout the year. It’s tremendously appetising and delicious. No wonder this soup is well-liked and popular around the world.

Hot and Sour Soup01

Every family has their own version around different countries, using different ingredients though. Basically, this hot and sour soup contains wood ear fungus, bamboo shoots and tofu, sometimes pork blood (豬血) is added. Give it a go if you want, or dare, or you can find some pork blood at your local area.
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