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Sticky Baked Pork Ribs (Juicy and Succulent) + Video

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The taste of these baked pork ribs explodes in your mouth and awakes every taste bud of yours. Every time I make this dish, I find myself have to lick every bit of the ribs since I don’t want to lose any of the delicious sauce on the ribs.

Sticky Baked Pork Ribs01

To make moist and succulent ribs is quite challenging. There won’t be any fat or too much meat on bones, as a result it can be dried up very easily along the way of baking.

Sticky Baked Pork Ribs02

Fortunately, there’s an easy work around for making wonderfully tasty and succulent baked American ribs to entertain your family. Tips are shared below the recipe. These oven baked pork ribs perfectly go with steamed rice.
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5-Ingredient Baked Pork Ribs (Video)

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Here comes my favourite baked pork rib dish. You only need 5 ingredients to make it. Best of all, you don’t even need to marinate the pork ribs in advance. Simply mix all the ingredients together and pop into an oven. 

The pork ribs will become very tasty and tender after a slow-baking process without any fuss. They are best served immediately with salad or rice. Sounds good, right?

One simple secret tip on making tasty and succulent baked ribs you want to know. Cut the pork ribs separately beforehand. It’ll do the magic.
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Kimchi Dumplings

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Kimchi is tasty and healthy. I made some to fill up a whole bucket the other day. Then I can take some out as an appetizer for my daily meal. It’s very handy. Well, sometimes you want something different like me. How about making some dumplings with these delicious kimchi? I made some more uncooked dumplings and store in freezer just in case I crave for some during breakfast, lunch or even afternoon tea. If you have more time, do try making your own dumpling wrappers. It'll take your dumplings up a lever for sure.

Kimchi Dumplings01

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Purple Sweet Potato and Pearl Barley Sweet Soup

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Purple sweet potato is a kind of starchy sweet vegetables with loads of fiber. They are different from yam. In traditional Hong Kong cooking, various kinds of sweet potatoes are widely used to make desserts to serve after dinner.

Purple Sweet Potato and Pearl Barley Dessert Soup01

When it comes to cooking purple sweet potato, it turns soft and easily broken apart within half an hour, as a result the sweet soup will become cloudy. If you care about how the sweet soup looks like, you have to control the stove power carefully.

I’ve experimented and found my Instant Pot can do the best job of keeping the purple sweet potato in good shape even they’re softened enough. If you have an Instant Pot, give it a try. If you don’t, you still can make this delicious dessert on stove.

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Orange-Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings

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These sticky and yummy wings made with Sriracha and honey are that you don't want to miss every bit of them.

Orange-Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings01

I love cooking chicken wings. If you click to browse the recipe index, you’ll find many chicken wing dishes already posted on this blog. What I love about cooking wings is that they can be turned into many tasty dishes without any difficulty.
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Fish and Prawn Pies

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These fish and prawn pies were baked in ramekins. The fillings are creamy and juicy. Once the pies were out from the oven. Everyone in the family was so eager to dig in the flaky crust and find out what's inside their ramekin.

Fish and Prawn Pies01

It won’t be wrong if I serve a pie on our dining table. My daughter is so attracted by any bakery made of puff pastry. No matter what I put inside, any kind of meat or veggies, she will quickly dig into it and taste the delicious fillings going with the fluffy pastry.
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Molten Chocolate Cakes (Easter Dessert)

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My favourite part of Easter is the chocolate desserts. Molten chocolate cake, aka lava cake or chocolate fondant pudding, is very popular around the world. It is even served in high-end restaurants and is suitable for all occasions. I personally feel that the bitter taste can resemble the remembrance of the sufferings of Jesus Christ, and the sweet taste associates with the joy of the victory of His resurrection.

Molten Chocolate Cake01

Back to the cake, it’s not that difficult when you actually roll up your sleeves to make this delicious chocolate cake. But producing the spectacular, oozing runny, lava-like chocolate inside needs a little experience of knowing how to work with your own oven. The prime principle is not to over cook the chocolate batter.
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