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Teriyaki Chicken patties

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These Teriyaki chicken patties are so moist and tender. It can be served as a light meal, sided with some vegetables or snack.

Teriyaki Chicken patties01

I wouldn’t have known how nice the taste of tofu and chicken with teriyaki sauce going so well if I hadn’t run the experiment.

All of three components are blended nicely and tightly in this dish. The key ingredient to make these chicken patties tremendously moist and tender is the humble tofu, a healthy food that I often use in my cooking.
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Fried Hokkien Noodles (福建炒麵)

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As a famous Chinese food critic 蔡瀾 stated on his blog, the original version of Hokkien Noodles is hardly found in Fujian (福建) province, China nowadays. The dish has become a fusion styled, deep black in colour served in many modern Malaysian restaurants. The underlined meaning of his post is that the original version of Hokkien Noodles was not as black as we see in today’s restaurants. Yet people are still arguing about the way how this noodle dish should be cooked.

This is my take on the traditional fried Hokkien noodle dish replicated to the nearby Chinese restaurant, got thumbs up from my family.

Fried Hokkien Noodles01

Well, as a home cook, I can take the advantage of modifying and twisting the cooking way as I want. If you like darker noodles, put more dark soy sauce into the sauce then. When it comes to cooking Hokkien noodles, the very basic thing is quite simple.
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Cashew Chicken Stir-Fry (Video)

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Ever tried adding some crunchy cashews in your stir-fried dishes? I grew up with this traditional stir-fried dish, cashew chicken stir-fry. It’s good for a daily meal or even family gatherings. 

Cashews will add an interesting texture and make a contrast of the tender chicken meat. You can use any vegetables for the stir-fry instead of using celery. It’s very easy to make and flexible for you to add any vegetables you like.

Cashew Chicken Stir Fry01

In traditional Chinese cooking, cashews are often deep-fried in oil in order to make them crunchy. If you have an oven, simply bake them in an oven. Or pan-fry them in a pan without any oil. The result will be equally crunchy, and you can consume less oil.

Cashew Chicken Stir Fry02

As for chicken meat, I like using chicken thigh as the texture is good for stir-frying and the price is cheaper. You can use chicken breast if you want. It won't make any difference in taste.
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Baked Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings

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Finger-licking chicken wings are addictively good. These baked honey sriracha chicken wings are highly praised in my family. This dish is perfectly served as snacks for gatherings or personal game-watching time.

We can’t hold ourselves back from trying the first bite of these finger-licking chicken wings, especially they are dipped and coated with the Sriracha-honey sauce. The wings are not too spicy, just a slight kick from the Sriracha sauce. The honey and apple cider vinegar are giving a good balance of flavours.
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Braised Kimchi, Radish and Pork Ribs (Pressure Cooker + Stove Top)

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Pork ribs often need longer cooking time on stove top, but that will be shortened a lot if using an electric pressure cooker, like Instant Pot. No matter what kind of cooker you got, you can try this simple yet delicious dish without any fuss. Stove-top instructions are included beneath though.

Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish, yet quite versatile to be used in making various delicious and healthy dishes. By adding some Kimchi in soup, it helps to create a depth of flavours, and the whole dish becomes very appetizing.

The natural sweetness of radish is blended so well in the pork soup. The slightly tangy taste of Kimchi will intrigue you to want more.

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Malaysian Satay Chicken

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The taste of this satay chicken is so authentic and wonderfully delicious. The recipe was from a friend who was a chef in Malaysia. How could it be?

Malaysian Satay Chicken01

We held a Hong Kong style BBQ party some time ago, grilling foods on charcoal. The Malaysian chef bought some marinated satay chicken to share with us.
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Beef Brisket in Clear Broth (清湯牛腩)

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This beef brisket in clear broth dish goes perfectly with vermicelli or egg noodles. Just add a few bunches of Chinese bok choy and cook in the soup. Then you and your family can enjoy a tasty light meal.

Beef Brisket in Clear Broth01

I had luck to spot this lean beef brisket from a nearby Asian butcher. Why not got some back home and cooked up for hubby as he’s a big fan of beef brisket?

Every time I cooked beef brisket, I’d make the traditional flavoursome stewed beef brisket in Chu Hou sauce, a fool proofed dish for anyone who wants to try Hong Kong cuisine.

This time I tried another classic beef brisket soup dish that I grew up with and it’s still popular in Hong Kong. The cooking method for both mentioned dishes is similar. As for making this beef brisket soup dish, the key to success is preparing a delicious clear soup base, not a cloudy one.
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