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Teriyaki Chicken Udon

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I reckon Japanese udon is the best light meal for my family through out the year. It’s quick to whip it up in the last minute. By stir-frying the noodles with teriyaki sauce, it’s heavenly tasty.

Teriyaki Chicken Udon01

My family loves udon very much. So I’d keep a packet of frozen udon in the freezer. Simply blanch the noodles in boiling water for a short while. It’d be perfect for stir frying. What you need is to add some meat and seasonal vegetables.
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Swiss Chicken Wings (Homemade Recipe)

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Several years ago, I posted a recipe, Braised Sweet Soy Chicken Wings, that’s also called “Swiss wings”. It’s made with a bottle of store-bought marinade. I’ve got thumbs up from my family. If you’re a wing lover and want to make this dish from scratch, go for this version. With only a few simple ingredients, you can make some flavoursome marinade to braise your chicken wings.

Swiss Chicken Wings01

It’s not a dish related to Switzerland. Why is it called Swiss wings any way?
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Braised Chicken with Bitter Melon

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Ever tried bitter melon? It’s just like coriander. People either hate it or love it. In Chinese cooking, bitter melon is often used to stir fry or braise with all kind of meats. This braised chicken with bitter melon is very popular in Hong Kong. It tastes so good and perfectly goes with a bowl of steamed rice.

Bitter melon goes very well with chicken. My family loves this dish so much. Give it a try if you’re into bitter melon.
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Stir Fried Chinese Yam with Beef

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This stir-fried beef dish is a traditional one loved by many Hong Kong people. Fresh Chinese yam (aka Huai Shan 淮山) is the highlight of this dish. Its texture is crisp, going so well with beef. This dish can be done within 20 minutes.

Chinese yam (aka Huai Shan 淮山) is very popular in Chinese cooking. I got some leftover Chinese yam after cooking this Eight-Treasure Porridge (養生八寶粥) the other day.

That said, it helps to improve our blood pressure and blood sugar. No wonder many Chinese people love adding it to stir-fried dishes or long-boiled soups (老火湯).
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Chinese Tea Eggs (茶葉蛋)

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Chinese tea eggs, traditionally served during Chinese New Year celebrations, are easy to make. Simply prepare some boiled eggs and steep them in tea marinade. After a few hours, you can enjoy the flavourful and tasty eggs for tea time.
Chinese Tea Eggs01

Chinese tea is good for cleansing our digestive system. Often times, we’d like to have a cup of Chinese tea after a meal. Sometimes, I use Chinese tea for cooking. I got a can of Tieguanyin (鐵觀音茶) from a friend that is perfect to make some tea eggs, my long-time favourite snack. The marbled pattern on the egg white is very appealing to eyes.

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Creme Caramel (Valentine's Day Dessert)

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My husband loves eggs. He loves every egg dish, no matter whether it’s savoury or sweet. For Valentine’s Day, it’s quite natural to make something simple and sweet. It’s a day to relax with minimum cooking time, if not dining out. So I prepared some crème caramel, a classic French dessert.


I often think crème caramel is quite similar to the Hong Kong steamed custard. The former is baked in an oven, whereas the latter is steamed in a wok. The highlight of the French dessert is the caramel – an elegant and sensational caramelized syrup. Super delicious.
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Sweet Potato Glutinous Rice Balls

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Impress your family or friends with this easy-to-make sweet treat. The melted runny fillings of these sweet potato glutinous rice balls (dumplings / tangyuan) will amaze them.

Sweet Potato Glutinous Rice Balls01

This Chinese dessert, sweet potato glutinous rice balls, reminds me of the western molten cake (aka lava cake), that often make people utter “ooz” and “aah” after cutting or biting open the tiny cute ball.

Sweet Potato Glutinous Rice Balls02

Not only does this sweet treat taste heavenly, but also it has an appealing presentation with its melted filling running down. You can impress your family and friends with this easy-to-make dessert for any occasion.
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