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Hot and Sour Soup (酸辣湯)

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No matter the weather is cold or hot, this classic hot and sour soup, originated from Sichuan China, is suitable for every occasion throughout the year. It’s tremendously appetising and delicious. No wonder this soup is well-liked and popular around the world.

Hot and Sour Soup01

Every family has their own version around different countries, using different ingredients though. Basically, this hot and sour soup contains wood ear fungus, bamboo shoots and tofu, sometimes pork blood (豬血) is added. Give it a go if you want, or dare, or you can find some pork blood at your local area.
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Red Curry Beef Brisket (Instant Pot + Stove Top Recipe)

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Red curry paste is so versatile, fragrant and not too hot for my family. I often use it to make pork, chicken and seafood dishes. Red curry paste is also a perfect match with beef brisket.

A friend of mine once told me that she loves eating beef brisket as it’s full of beef flavour. However, she’d be put off from it if it’s too fatty. If you’re armed with an oil separator or the simple tricks written below this recipe, you’ll make this dish again and again, simply because this beef brisket curry dish is wonderfully tasty. It’s worth the effort.
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Cantonese Sticky Rice Dumplings (Video 廣東鹹肉糭)

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When I first learned to wrap sticky rice dumplings (鹹肉糭) for celebrating Dragon Boat festival, this was the easiest method I went for. It's so much fun. The dumplings tasted so great.

Cantonese Sticky Rice Dumplings01

Sticky rice dumpling (Zongzi 糭子 in Chinese) is a classic Chinese food often eaten for celebrating Dragon Boat Festival. It’s mainly made of glutinous rice, stuffed with seasoned pork belly, salted duck egg yolks or many different fillings, then wrapped in bamboo leaves, cooked in boiling water.

My family especially loves the Cantonese sticky rice dumplings and would love to have them all the time through out the year, either for breakfast or lunch.

Cantonese Sticky Rice Dumplings02

There are two camps of how to eat these dumplings, dipping with soy sauce or going with white sugar. So, guess which way my family loves to go for? Sugar. In fact, either way is fantastic and delicious.
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Steamed Prawns with Garlic and Fermented Beancurd

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Way back many years ago, after tasting my mother-in-law’s steamed garlic prawns, I instantly fell in love of it, that’s totally different from the populated version.

Steamed Garlic Prawns01

Without any hesitation, I asked my mother-in-law to teach me. I couldn’t imagine how easy it is to make this dish. Not very long, I took the trick back to my kitchen and replicated my mother-in-law’s dish for my daughter to run a taste test.

Then guess what’s after? After that taste test, whenever my daughter sees me preparing some prawns, she would ask if I’m going to make this dish and wants to taste again.

I’m so glad that her western palate also loves this unique Chinese dish. Best of all, she feels it’s comparatively easy to peel the shells on her own.
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Stir Fried Chinese Yam with Beef

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This stir-fried beef dish is a traditional one loved by many Hong Kong people. Fresh Chinese yam (aka Huai Shan 淮山) is the highlight of this dish. Its texture is crisp, going so well with beef. This dish can be done within 20 minutes.

Chinese yam (aka Huai Shan 淮山) is very popular in Chinese cooking. I got some leftover Chinese yam after cooking this Eight-Treasure Porridge (養生八寶粥) the other day.

That said, it helps to improve our blood pressure and blood sugar. No wonder many Chinese people love adding it to stir-fried dishes or long-boiled soups (老火湯).
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Long Yan and Goji Tea

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It is a traditional Chinese natural cure for insomnia handed down from generations. I love the sweet fragrant smell of long yan. It’s very appetizing and comforting.

Long Yan and Goji Tea01

Long yan (also known as longan, “gui yuan” 桂圓 in Chinese) is a popular tropical fruit. The flesh is very sweet and juicy. I and my family like to eat it fresh, even though it’s quite pricey here in Australia.

The dried ones, dark brown in colour, are less expensive, good for making Chinese soups, desserts and teas.

In Chinese medicine, long yan is a natural cure for insomnia. Goji (aka wolfberry, or Goji berries, 枸杞 in Chinese) is also found good for eye health, giving your a feeling of calmness and quality of sleep.
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Italian Beef Stew

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I used to make stew dishes on my stovetop. To make this Italian Beef Stew over stovetop normally takes about 2 to 3 hours before it’s ready to be served on diner table.

Once I got my Instant Pot, I first wanted to try its stew function testing how well it could cut down the cooking time. I tested this dish and found its high-pressure cooking function can turn tough cuts into tender meat around 1 hour with delicious sauce that my family loved it very much. This dish goes really well with steamed rice, pasta or noodles.

Italian Beef Stew Procedures02

I also found my kitchen won’t be heated up while making stew dished if I used my Instant Pot. You’d imagine I feel so great especially when I crave for stew dishes on warm days. You wouldn’t know if I didn’t tell you. This was the stew dish I craved and made on a very hot day. Was I a bit out of my mind? I simply felt my cooking and eating was not being tied by the weather with a sense of freedom.
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