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Chrysanthemum Tea with Goji and Longan (菊花杞子龍眼茶)

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This Chinese tea, handed down from my mum, can help promote eye health. If browsing computer or reading a book for a while, we might feel our eyes itchy or dry.

This Chinese tea, handed down from my mum, can help promote eye health.

If browsing computer or reading a book for a while, we might feel our eyes itchy or dry. Sometimes when we work in an air-conditioned room for too long, our eyes also get dried as a result that our vision becomes not as sharp as it should be.

I often make this tea once or twice a week for prevention.
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Cake Wrapped in Paper (Hong Kong Cupcakes)

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Cakes baked in paper are very popular in Hong Kong. You can easily get them from many bakery shops there. Armed with this recipe, you can bake some for yourself or your family at home.

If you have a chance to travel to Hong Kong, I recommend you to have a go for it. You won’t be disappointed except you buy the not-the-good ones. I guess you can’t find them anywhere else except in Hong Kong.

I used to go to an old café with my father to have afternoon tea when I was a little kid. The café was very cozy and would sell freshly baked cakes and breads around 3 to 4pm.

Although the café was not big, their cakes baked in paper (纸包蛋糕) was very popular that attracted many customers. A long queue would line up in front of the entrance of the café.
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Pork & Bean Sprout Omelette (With Video)

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There are plenty of ways to cook eggs. One of my favourite ways is to simply pan fry them with some vegetables and/or meat. I used bean sprouts and pork the other day. My family was just loving it.

The omelette was gone in a few minutes. The dish can be done within 15 minutes as long as you have silver sprouts (銀芽) ready, that their ends are trimmed.

To prepare silver sprouts is not that difficult, yet quite time consuming. For convenience, you can skip this step. All parts of a bean sprout can be eaten after all. This Hong Kong style omelette dish is best served with light soy sauce and chilli sauce.
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Stir Fried Chicken with Sweet Bean Sauce (醬爆雞丁)

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This quick stir-fry chicken with sweet bean sauce dish perfectly goes with steamed rice. And there's a secret ingredient to keep the meat smooth and tender.

Stir Fried Chicken with Sweet Bean Sauce01

I love making tasty and quick stir-fry dishes. Not only are they quick to get done, but also perfect to go with a bowl of steamed rice. Yes, we’re big fans of rice. So this stir-fry chicken dish is on top of my family menu. As far as I’m concerned, Asians often opt for chicken thigh meat, whereas Australians prefer chicken breast. Correct me if I’m wrong.
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Baked Drunken Prawns (焗醉蝦)

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To make this drunken prawns dish is very straightforward without any fuss at all. All the flavours are absorbed by the tender prawn meats.

Drunken prawns are very popular in Chinese cuisine just like drunken chicken dishes.
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Stewed Beef Brisket in Chu Hou Sauce (Must-Eat Chinese Cuisine)

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Stewed Beef Brisket in Chu Hou Sauce (柱侯蘿蔔炆牛腩) is a very popular dish in Chinese family cooking. It suits to serve in whatever seasons or any occasions.

Stewed Beef Brisket in Chu Hou Sauce

Sometimes I deliberately cook this dish in double size and reserve the other portion in fridge as a quick lunch the day after.

The soul ingredient of this dish is the Chu Hou paste (柱侯醬) that is mainly made of soybeans, garlic, ginger, sesame seeds and many other spices. Thus this convenient sauce can make the beef brisket taste heavenly delicious. Any Asian store will stock it because it's commonly used in Chinese cooking.

Chu Hou Paste 柱侯醬

It goes perfectly with steamed rice or noodle soup. The beef brisket would absorb all flavors and taste wonderful and more delicious.
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Yakisoba (Classic Japanese Stir Fry Noodles)

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I particularly like Japanese street foods. How can I miss out on Yakisoba, "fried noodle", a Classic Japanese street food? I couldn't go to Japan and enjoy it as frequently as I like, so I tried to make it at home. It's very simple and easy.

Yakisoba (Japanese Stir Fry Noodles)01

To make this dish, I need to find Japanese noodles for stir-fry. It is not difficult to find several brands in any Asian grocers here in Australia. I have tried a few brands of noodles. They are easily broken apart during or even before stir-frying. But the taste is still good as long as you don’t mind the presentation is not ideal. It's like fried noodles in chopped sizes.

Yakisoba (Japanese Stir Fry Noodles)02

Yakisoba can be a quick meal or snack. It’s really simple and easy to make this fried noodle dish. I just used the staples and seasonings that are always kept in my kitchen. For convenience, I took a different route of using Len & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce in my fridge for making the sauce.

Yakisoba (Japanese Stir Fry Noodles)04

To get an authentic taste, buy Bull-Dog sauce from a Japanese store or Asian grocers. You need to adjust the amount of juice accordingly. The yakisoba sauce is sweet, and the amount of sugar in this recipe can be adjusted to suit your taste. This is the biggest advantage of making it at home yourself.

Yakisoba Ingredients

Look, this Japanese-style fried noodles dish are topped with Japanese-style red ginger and sprinkled with seaweed powder (seaweed powder). The taste is fantastic.
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