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Beef Ribs in Black Pepper Sauce (Pressure Cooker or Stovetop)

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The beef short ribs are turned soft and tender very quickly in my Instant Pot. They are juicy and delicious.

Beef Ribs in Black Pepper Sauce01

This recipe is a super-quick one suitable for pressure cooking if you have one. I got these beef ribs from supermarket that were quite thickly cut. I also inserted stovetop instructions in notes section below the recipe.
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Shaoxing Goji Chicken (花雕杞子雞煲)

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Traditionally, this Shaoxing Goji Chicken is a claypot dish made in winter days. I reckon this dish can be enjoyed on any days throughout the year. It’s so tasty with splendid aroma, perfectly goes with steamed rice.

I like the colour contrast of this chicken dish. It’s so appealing to the family’s eyes. Once it’s served on our dining table, everyone was eager to dig in and taste.
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Papaya and Chicken Feet Soup (Instant Pot + Stove Top Recipe)

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Hope the chicken feet won’t scare you off. As a matter of fact, this soup is very tasty, as a result it earned its popularity in Chinese community. This soup is put on high priority on my menu as my family loves it so much.

When I first moved into Australia, I could ask for chicken feet for free from supermarkets because most Australian didn’t like chicken feet. So the staff would throw them away. They’re so glad that if you asked and would give you a large packet. Now a small amount of chicken feet costs quite expensive instead.
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Salt and Pepper Tofu (Classic Chinese)

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This humble tofu dish will surprise you. It's very delicious. You'll easily find it served in Chinese restaurants. Now you can make your own at home in just 15 minutes.

Salt and Pepper Tofu01

Salt and pepper are great partners as seasonings. I have made different Chinese dishes with salt and pepper, like prawns, chicken wings, quails, pork chops. All these dishes are simple and delicious.

These two humble condiments, salt and pepper, are very versatile, not only going so well with meats, but also tofu. You can’t imagine that a bit of salt and pepper will turn the blank tofu into amazingly tasty food.
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Char Siu Pastry (Cheater’s Version)

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This char siu pastry (char siu sou) is a traditional dim sum, made with flaky pastry and juicy bbq pork. Armed with this easy recipe, you can make some and enjoy with a cup of your favourite teat at home at any time.

Char Siu Pastry01

Char siu pastry (aka char siu sou, 叉燒酥 in Chinese) is easily found at Chinese yum cha restaurants in Hong Kong or overseas. The juicy char siu (BBQ pork) is wrapped inside flaky pastries made with lard or shortening. You can tell how delicious and awesome the pastry will be.

With this easy-to-make recipe, you can skip all the fussy steps and make some awesome and flaky char siu pastry on the go.
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Pan Fried Fish Fillet (Hong Kong Style)

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The fish fillet is pan fried perfectly and the sauce is just balanced. It is suitable for kids and seniors, and meat lovers of course, excellent with hot steamed rice.

Pan Fried Fish Fillet01

This is one of my favourite homey dishes often cooked by my mother. I always feel that she’s the best in cooking it.
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Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings

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These salt and pepper chicken wings are amazing for your family. This dish is simple, delicious and easy to make within a few minutes. 

Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings01

This was one of the celebration dishes I made on the day of Mid-Autumn festival. Oh, goodness me, it's been a while until I finally post the recipe. I guess it’d be better to post some time after the festival as this dish is very versatile throughout the year and you can whip it up in 15 minutes.

Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings02

If you or your family is a fan of chicken wings, you have to give it a go. It’s also a life-saver on a hectic day. You can refrigerate the marinated chicken wings well ahead, then pan fry them whenever you’re ready.

How To Make Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings

The key to making this dish successful and delicious is not to over cook the chicken wings. When they are just done, the chicken meat is succulent and juicy.
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