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Earl Grey Tea Chiffon Cake

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If you love tea and fluffy cakes, this earl grey tea chiffon cake is for you. Even though you don’t drink tea, you’d like it after the first bite.

Earl Grey Chiffon Cake01

This elegant chiffon cake doesn’t taste too sweet. The earl grey tea liquid and tea leaves smell so fragrant. That’s why this cake is well liked by my family. For me, it’s truly a bliss while having a cup of coffee or tea with a little piece of this soft and fluffy cake, couching to read a favourite book.
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Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry

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How nice would it be when having a tasty dish of chicken curry with a bowl of hot rice?

Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry01

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Snake Bean, Pork and Eggs Stir Fry

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This stir-fried snake bean, pork and egg dish goes perfectly for a bowl of steamed rice. The soft scrambled egg is blended so well with the crunchy sweet snake beans. It’s delicious. If you have kids at home, this is a simple and nutritious dish that they will love. Give it a try.

Stir Fried Eggs with Snake Beans and Pork01

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Corn and Fish Maw Soup

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This fish maw soup is quite thick, very tasty, with silky smooth egg drops. It’s often made with a master soup base. For convenience, I used chicken stock. This classic Chinese soup is perfectly served for family gatherings or a banquet.

Corn and Fish Maw Soup01

When dining out with friends in Hong Kong, we used to have this corn fish maw soup as "soup of the day". Fish maw is recognized as one of the precious seafood in Hong Kong.
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Braised Honey Pork Ribs

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The taste of this braised honey pork rib dish is quite like the baked one from Chinese BBQ shops. The meat is so succulent and juicy, nearly fallen off the bones. These pork ribs are coated with wonderfully tasty sauce.

Braised Pork Ribs01

The recipe yields for a secret ingredient though. Does it sound good for those who crave for baked pork ribs but don’t have an oven available for whatever reason? The meat is coated with wonderfully tasty sauce. It goes really well with steamed rice.
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Pan Fried Fish Fillet (Hong Kong Style)

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The fish fillet is pan fried perfectly and the sauce is just balanced. It is suitable for kids and seniors, and meat lovers of course, excellent with hot steamed rice.

Pan Fried Fish Fillet01

This is one of my favourite homey dishes often cooked by my mother. I always feel that she’s the best in cooking it.
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Beef Ribs in Black Pepper Sauce (Pressure Cooker or Stovetop)

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The beef short ribs are turned soft and tender very quickly in my Instant Pot. They are juicy and delicious.

Beef Ribs in Black Pepper Sauce01

This recipe is a super-quick one suitable for pressure cooking if you have one. I got these beef ribs from supermarket that were quite thickly cut. I also inserted stovetop instructions in notes section below the recipe.
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