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Wood Ear and Red Date Soup

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This wood ear and red date soup is suitable for women in the first month after childbirth, served as confinement food. Nevertheless, it’s good for anyone, female or male adults in the family for its nutrients.

Wood Ear and Pork Soup01

Wood ear is widely used in Chinese cuisine as it helps to reduce blood pressure, clear away cholesterol, thus improve blood circulation. Chinese people also name it as “blood vessel cleaner”. Wood ear contains rich protein and vitamin B, but low in calories.
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Kimchi (Easy Recipe)

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Kimchi is a well-known Korean side dish. I always wonder why Korean people are so fond of this dish and consume it almost everyday. Armed with this easy recipe, you can make kimchi at home. It's not that difficult as you thought.


Once I tried kimchi, I just fell in love with its complex flavours. Taste-wise, it’s spicy, salty and sour, mingled with a pinch of sweetness and umami. It gives you a cleansing feel. So it’s very suitable for being served as an appetizer.
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Omurice (Chicken and Tomato Rice wrapped in Fried Eggs)

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Omurice, is a contemporary Japanese dish. I guess it’s invented not long ago, yet it quickly becomes a very popular dish around the world.


Omurice is a kind of fried rice, commonly cooked with chicken, tomato sauce and ketchup, wrapped in omelette (a thin sheet of fried egg). In every Japanese restaurant, you’ll easily find this dish on their menu.
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Steamed Eggs With Milk Dessert Recipe

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This steamed eggs with milk dessert is very popular in Hong Kong, and also my childhood dessert that I grew up with. The egg custard texture is so smooth as silk. Armed with this recipe, you can make your own at home at a very high success rate.

Steamed eggs with milk dessert01

I remember my dad always took me to a popular Chinese dessert restaurant when I was young. Not only did the dessert taste good, but also the companion with my dad made my heart feel so sweet.
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Supreme Soy Sauce Fried Noodles (豉油皇炒麵)

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Supreme soy sauce fried noodles, a traditional Cantonese fried noodle dish, can be made within minutes. The smoky hot fried noodles, coated with salty and sweet soy sauce, mixed with the crunchy bean sprouts and chives were definitely worth attempting.

Supreme Soy Sauce Fried Noodles01

If you asked me what’s my favourite breakfast, I wouldn’t hesitate to vote for supreme soy sauce fried noodles (aka supreme soy sauce chow mein, 豉油皇炒麵), going with a bowl of hot porridge, that I often enjoyed at primary school age in Hong Kong.

It's often sold by street hawkers at that time. You can easily find this fried noodle dish at Cantonese dim sum restaurants nowadays.

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Steamed Tofu with Pork Mince

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The juicy pork, diced mushroom and corn kernels are served on a bed of steamed silky smooth tofu. It’s so delicious and easy for the family to dig in.

Steamed Tofu with Pork Mince01

My family loves this steamed tofu dish very much. We like it served on a plate of steamed rice. It’s perfect for this weather.
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Green Tea (Matcha) Custard Snowskin Mooncakes

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The Mid-Autumn festival is just around the corner. Why not make some mooncakes to celebrate? How about make some green tea custard snowskin mooncakes?

Green Tea & Custard Snow Skin Mooncakes01

The Mid-Autumn festival is just around the corner. What makes the festival unique for me this year is that I can celebrate it with my own brand mooncakes.

The customized mooncake mould, engraved with my Chinese blog title, 簡易食譜 (means "easy recipes" in Chinese) was a hearty birthday gift from my loved ones in the family. I treasure it so much. With it, I made these green tea (matcha) snow skin mooncakes with custard filling.
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