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Dandan Noodles (擔擔麵)

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We love noodles as light lunch meals. This classic Sichuan Dandan noodles (擔擔麵 in Chinese) is one of our favourites.

Dandan Noodles01

Dandan noodles (擔擔麵 in Chinese) is a classic Sichuan cuisine. The spicy sauce as the key element makes this noodle dish so addictively delicious.
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Garlic Butter Tiger Prawns (Tutorial Video)

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The tiger prawns were so fresh that I didn’t need any more seasonings except garlic and butter, with salt and pepper of course. The prawns are so delicious.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Are you still searching for ideas of planning Chinese New Year menu?

Here comes a good one to put on your menu. Well, this dish is also suitable for any days throughout the year. It’s a no-brainer dish and quick to be done. Not only is this dish flavoursome, but also it’s full of nutrients.

These large tiger prawns I used were so big. From head to tail, it’s long as my palm. They were so fresh that I didn’t need any more seasonings except garlic and butter, with salt and pepper of course.
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Japanese Enoki Beef Rolls

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Here’s a quick, simple and delicious dish with authentic Japanese taste. These Japanese enoki beef rolls are classic, easily found on the menu of any good Japanese restaurants.

Beef and Enokitake in Teriyaki Sauce01

When you are stuck with something, haven’t got much time for cooking, still want some good foods to fuel your body with energy. Here’s a quick, simple and delicious dish with authentic Japanese taste.
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Baked Drunken Prawns (焗醉蝦)

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To make this drunken prawns dish is very straightforward without any fuss at all. All the flavours are absorbed by the tender prawn meats.

Drunken prawns are very popular in Chinese cuisine just like drunken chicken dishes.
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Braised Shiitake Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce

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One of the must-eat dishes for Chinese New Year celebration is this braised shiitake mushrooms in oyster sauce dish. The shiitake mushrooms are meaty, smooth and delicious. I often follow my mum's trick to make this dish even more appealing and shiny. Just a little bit of rock sugar will do the trick.

Braised Shiitake Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce01

I easily associate this braised shiitake mushrooms with all traditional Chinese festivals, like Winter Solstice (冬至), Chinese New Year’s Eve, as my mum used to cook it on these occasions.

During my childhood, when I saw this dish served on our dinner table, I’d feel that we’re enjoying a luxury meal simply because mushrooms were quite pricey at that time. Although big and best quality shiitake mushrooms are still very expensive now, we can get smaller ones with good quality at much cheaper price for substitute. We are quite satisfied with their texture and taste.
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Asparagus, Chicken and Walnuts Stir Fry

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Ever tried stir frying asparagus with walnuts? The crunchiness of walnuts and crisp asparagus stems are so enjoyable.

Stir Fried Asparagus with Walnut and Chicken 01

Asparagus is regarded as a classy vegetable and you have to pay more than other vegetables in restaurants. Lucky me, I’d find some fresh asparagus, available at a bargain price in supermarkets every now and then through out the year.
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Salt and Pepper Tofu (Classic Chinese)

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This humble tofu dish will surprise you. It's very delicious. You'll easily find it served in Chinese restaurants. Now you can make your own at home in just 15 minutes.

Salt and Pepper Tofu01

Salt and pepper are great partners as seasonings. I have made different Chinese dishes with salt and pepper, like prawns, chicken wings, quails, pork chops. All these dishes are simple and delicious.

These two humble condiments, salt and pepper, are very versatile, not only going so well with meats, but also tofu. You can’t imagine that a bit of salt and pepper will turn the blank tofu into amazingly tasty food.
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