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Purple Sweet Potato Snowskin Mooncakes

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Ever thought of using purple sweet potato to make some snowskin mooncakes for Mid-Autumn festival celebration? Both the texture and taste are wonderfully good.

Purple Sweet Potato Snowskin Mooncakes01

After the first attempt of making mooncakes used my own branded mould, I was itching to make another batch with a different filling.

A purple sweet potato (purple yam) has been sitting in the basket on my kitchen benchtop for quite a while. Guess that it’s perfect for my second attempt. The purple sweet potato grown in Australia is quite dry itself, with less water content compared with other kinds of sweet potatoes.
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Butter Prawns

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These butter prawns were so creamy and delicious. Mind you, it's very addictively delicious.

Butter Prawns01

One of the good things that I love about food blogging is receiving feedbacks from my readers’ email. Through all the email exchanges, I shared their joy and satisfaction after trying my recipes. Thank you all for your encouraging feedbacks.

Amongst all the encouraging feedbacks, here’s a unique one from Eric Tan, a reader in Malaysia, that’s a wonderful recipe I didn’t ask for. When I saw this popular Malaysian recipe, Butter Prawns, fine tuned by himself appearing in my inbox, I said to myself that was a must to try. Yet, without any reason, it took me quite a long time to try it out. Finally, I’m glad I did. It’s a fantastic dish. Thank you, Eric.
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Eight-Treasure Porridge (養生八寶粥)

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Eight Treasure Porridge01

Traditionally this healthy Eight-Treasure Porridge is eaten on the Laba Festival, the eighth day of the La Month (i.e. the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar). As for myself, I love to eat it whenever I like throughout the year.

Eight Treasure Porridge02

Well, if you’re living in an area where it’s cold, this dessert soup is a good treat warming yourself up, as well as absolutely guilt-free. The ingredients used are nutrient-rich, good to our body. Chinese Yam can help lower blood sugar and blood pressure, sooth mood and get better sleep. Best of all, it’s very easy to make. Simply soak and wash the ingredients, then pop them in a large pot. There you go.
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Steamed Eggs With Milk Dessert Recipe

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This steamed eggs with milk dessert is very popular in Hong Kong, and also my childhood dessert that I grew up with. The egg custard texture is so smooth as silk. Armed with this recipe, you can make your own at home at a very high success rate.

Steamed eggs with milk dessert01

I remember my dad always took me to a popular Chinese dessert restaurant when I was young. Not only did the dessert taste good, but also the companion with my dad made my heart feel so sweet.
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Golden Pomfret in Spicy Tomato Sauce

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The pan-fried golden pomfret is so meaty, going so well with the delicious spicy tomato sauce, with a touch of sweet and tangy taste. This dish is very appetizing and comforting. It can be served with a bowl of steamed rice.

I’ve tried to cook golden pomfret with Sriracha sauce and tomato sauce several times. My family loved this dish very much.
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Steamed Eggs with Dried Scallops

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The smooth, silky steamed eggs infused with the heavenly tasty smell of dried scallops, goes very well with rice.

Steamed Eggs with Dried Scallops01

Dried scallops (or conpoy) are made from the abductor muscle of scallops, a prized delicacy in Hong Kong Cantonese cooking. For those who are interested in knowing more about this priced seafood, please hop over and read this article about dried scallops on Wikipedia.
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Green Tea (Matcha) Custard Snowskin Mooncakes

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The Mid-Autumn festival is just around the corner. Why not make some mooncakes to celebrate? How about make some green tea custard snowskin mooncakes?

Green Tea & Custard Snow Skin Mooncakes01

The Mid-Autumn festival is just around the corner. What makes the festival unique for me this year is that I can celebrate it with my own brand mooncakes.

The customized mooncake mould, engraved with my Chinese blog title, 簡易食譜 (means "easy recipes" in Chinese) was a hearty birthday gift from my loved ones in the family. I treasure it so much. With it, I made these green tea (matcha) snow skin mooncakes with custard filling.
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