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Baked Tapioca Custard Recipe (Variation of Tapioca Pudding)

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Baked Tapioca Custard01

Are you a lover of tapioca pudding? I am and would always be. I’d like to cook a tapioca dessert and enjoy a warm night especially in winters. During our trip back to Hong Kong last month, I’ve tried baked tapioca custard, a non-Asian variation of tapioca pudding, several times at a Chinese restaurant. Not only was the dessert not expensive, but also was it downright sensational. Its smooth and creamy texture satisfied all the taste buds. Inside the baked tapioca custard, they added some sweet lotus paste, a popular way of presenting this dessert, I guess. Well, I felt my husband seemed not to be into the lotus paste though.

Having come back to Australia, I got some time to play around and experiment baking my own version of this sensational dessert. Instead of putting lotus paste, I prepared some red beans that were cooked with a little piece of rock sugar. While baking the dessert, my husband proclaimed that he had had enough in Hong Kong and didn’t want to eat any more. What happened then? He finished a big bowl when the custard turned onto our dinner table. Surprise.
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Chicken and Corn Soup (Chinese Quick Soup Recipe)

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Chicken and Corn Soup

This chicken and corn soup comes in handy for me whenever I can’t think of what soup to cook for the day. I always keep one or two can(s) of creamed corn soup in my pantry. Best of all, this soup is very hearty, no fat at all. Corn is very nutritious and very good to our health too. My daughter loves this soup and would gobble it up without any complaints.
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Incredible Flourless Chocolate Cake

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Ever tried to bake a flourless chocolate cake? This cake is incredibly rich in chocolate, best for chocolate lovers, including my daughter. Do you know what happened when I baked this cake? When I took out the cake from oven, she couldn’t wait until it completely cooled down. She ate the whole cake almost on her own within two days. Then after two to three weeks, shed asked me to bake another one for her, complaining she hadn’t eaten a chocolate cake for a long time. Huh?! Alright, it’s not hard though. Yesterday, she asked me for the recipe and baked one for herself. Unbelievable!

Flourless Chocolate Cake
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