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Sweet Potato Cakes with Banana Fillings

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Sweet Potato Cakes with Banana Fillings01

The method of making these sweet potato cakes is quite similar to those traditional Chinese dumplings. Yet, they are really unique in taste and combinations of ingredients used. By a close look at the recipe, you’ll notice it requires pan frying that helps caramelize the tender sweet potato wrappings and intensify the flavour. Upon biting, the fragrance and natural sweetness of banana inside will burst in your mouth and make every taste bud of yours dance. Mind you, the banana filling is quite hot when the cake is just off the pan. Don’t miss the Osmanthus syrup. It takes the whole dessert dish up to a notch and makes you feel enjoying at a high-end restaurant. Well, if you want something new for celebrating the coming New Year, why not give this dish a go and give your family a surprise?
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Layered Coffee Panna Cotta

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Layered Coffee Panna Cotta01

After having made the green tea panna cotta and posted on my Chinese blog, a reader asked what else could be used if not using green tea powder. Having pondered a few seconds, a word "coffee" came up in my mind.

I still had the urge to make layered panna cotta without chilling each layer and running back and forth from my fridge. I’d like to make it in one go. Well, the method I used was so simple and straight forward without any fuss and tricks at all. All I had to do was to mix all ingredients well together, then waited patiently for the mixture automatically forming layers itself. After half an hour or so, the two layers of dark and light brown in colour was gradually developing.

Why two layers instead of three like the green tea one? The instant coffee powder I used can be dissolved completely without any particles left in the sieve. Thus only two layers could be formed. As for making the green tea panna cotta, I pressed the dark green particles through the sieve that created the darkest green layer at the bottom. If you like it with one layer, simply chill the dessert in fridge after a brief cooling time. No matter how many layers, this creamy, silky smooth dessert with coffee aroma is perfect for wrapping up a dinner or well prepared ahead for any celebration occasions.
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Layered Green Tea Panna Cotta

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Green Tea Panna Cotta01

Would you think like me when you see this green tea panna cotta with vibrant green and red colours? They are wonderful for Christmas party, aren’t they? I most like the three different layers of green colours which make me feel refreshing and pleasant. Each bite of the silky smooth pudding adds an ounce of happiness. Making the layers is easier than you thought. It's just like making a panna cotta without any layers. What you have to do is to let them sit at room temperature and wait patiently. I really like the creamy and smooth texture and would love to have it after every dinner.
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Honey & Ginger Chicken Wings

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To make these juicy and tasty honey and ginger chicken wings is pretty easy. Mix the chicken wings with marinade and pop them in the oven.

Hongey & Ginger Chicken Wings01

Here come chicken wings again. Yes, my family and most of my friends like chicken wings. Baking chicken wings is like a piece of cake. Simply mix them with the marinade, pop them in the oven. Then you can enjoy juicy and tasty wings after 30 minutes.
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Teriyaki Chicken Wings

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Teriyaki sauce is so versatile and easy to make. The Teriyaki chicken wings are finger-licking good.

Teriyaki Chicken Wings01

Teriyaki sauce is my most favourite sauce in Japanese cooking. It’s versatile and easy to whip it up. The sauce goes so well with tofu and chicken.
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