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Chicken Thighs with Orange Marmalade

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Chicken Thighs with Orange Marmalade01

Being a big fan of MasterChef, an Australian cooking television show, I don’t want to skip any episode of it since the show is full of fun and inspirational. In one episode, the contestants were challenged to create dishes with orange marmalade. All the contestants’ dishes were so attractive and appetizing. I was so intrigued to create one of my own, a home-cook style of course.

What I like about orange marmalade are its citrus fragrance and its not-too-sweet taste. It’s great to use in creating a thick sauce. As chicken and orange are good partners. Orange marmalade will definitely go well with chicken meat. How about if I can’t use up a whole bottle of orange marmalade? No worries, it won’t be wasted at all. The leftover orange marmalade can be used on my toast, just like fruit jam, for breakfast.
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Laksa (Quick Version)

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Laksa is one of my favourite Malaysian dishes. Its aromatic and spicy soup is so versatile that you can put any seafoods, meats, or veggies to cook in it with amazing results. If you’re into eggs, pop in one of two hard-boiled eggs to ease your craving in your homemade laksa soup then. Once you have prepared the laksa soup base, you can tweak it in whatever way you like. It only takes ten minutes or so.

You can use any commercial brands you like or handy to you. That will save you a lot of effort sourcing the ingredients to make the laksa paste. The other day I got a packet of Tean’s curry laksa paste (田師傅) from a nearby Asian grocer back home to try. My hubby couldn’t wait to taste it and said, “This is the best laksa I ever tasted.” “Really?” I responded while I was taking a few photos of my own bowl. He continued to say, “If anyone is fond of spicy food, he should try it.” My hubby is one of those who like spicy foods very much. Yet, the spiciness can be adjusted by adding some more water or coconut milk along the way of cooking the soup base to suit your family’s taste buds.
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Spinach and Soft Boiled Egg in Broth

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Spinach and Soft Boiled Egg in Broth01

I was very glad to get some beautiful spinach sold at a bargain price. One of the best ways of cooking spinach is making soup. This no-brainer soup only takes 10 minutes to make. Nothing can be easier. How about the taste? It all depends on the soup base you choose. Chicken broth is a good choice, homemade or your favourite brand. If you want to use vegetable soup base, it’ll work too. The umami taste of the dried scallop will make your soup more delicious. The highlight is the soft boiled egg. Not only the runny egg yolk in the just-cooked egg white attracts your eye balls, but also it entertains your taste buds.
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Glutinous Rice Dumplings with Red Bean Fillings

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Glutinous Rice Dumplings with Red Bean Fillings01

We just celebrated Dragon Boat festival on Thursday, making and eating zongzi (aka glutinous rice dumpling/sticky rice dumpling) that’s a traditional Chinese food can be eaten all year round. I made some with savoury filling. They were nice and hot from my large pot. To better use the large pot of hot water, I made some more with sweet filling —— red bean paste. Who doesn’t like snacks with red bean paste?

To get a more attractive looking for these dumplings, I mixed some soaked red beans with the sticky rice. The red bean paste filling was homemade, so the sweetness was just right to my family’s taste. You can use any brand of your favourite store-bought product for convenience. These red bean sticky rice dumplings are not too big. I could finish one by myself in one go. The honey drizzled on top is optional, but highly recommended, as it’ll make the dumplings smell so fragrant and addictively tasty. The sticky rice dumplings are best served hot.
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Chicken in Black Bean Sauce

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This chicken in black bean sauce is quite popular in my good old days living in Hong Kong. The chicken is cooked just right in time, in the black bean sauce, in order to keep its tenderness.

Chicken in Black Bean Sauce01

The cooking chicken time is just right, so the meat is not over-cooked, but very tender and moist, with the fragrance of fermented black beans imparted through the sauce and chicken.
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