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Steamed Eggs With Milk Dessert Recipe

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This steamed eggs with milk dessert is very popular in Hong Kong, and also my childhood dessert that I grew up with. The egg custard texture is so smooth as silk. Armed with this recipe, you can make your own at home at a very high success rate.

Steamed eggs with milk dessert01

I remember my dad always took me to a popular Chinese dessert restaurant when I was young. Not only did the dessert taste good, but also the companion with my dad made my heart feel so sweet.

The restaurant was not big but always crowded with frequent customers. Their steamed eggs dessert can’t be missed on the list.

Having moved to Brisbane for a while, I missed those moments with my dad enjoying dessert. Now and then I make steamed eggs for myself to satisfy the wants of taste and heart.

Steamed Eggs with Milk Dessert Procedures01

I like adding some Australian fresh milk in it, not the same as the ones I enjoyed in that little dessert restaurant, but it tastes wonderful in different style. It hits everybody in the family for sure.

Steamed Eggs with Milk Dessert Procedures02

A foil will do the trick to make smooth egg custard surface. It prevents any condensed water dropped from the lid onto the custard surface.

Steamed Eggs With Milk Dessert Recipe

(Printable recipe)

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Chinese
Prep time:
Cook time:
Yield: 2 to 3 serves

Steamed eggs with milk dessert02

  • 2 eggs
  • 30gm white sugar (or to your taste)
  • 250ml milk

  1. Beat the eggs. Warm milk in the microwave oven a bit. Don’t boil it.
  2. Add warm milk into the beaten eggs first, then add sugar. Mix well. You don’t need an electrical mixer. A fork can do. Use a spoon to get rid of the foam on the surface of egg mixture.
  3. Cover the mixture with foil. Steam it for 12 minutes in a wok with a lid on. Every 4 minutes, lift the lid up a bit and let some steam release. Done! Serve hot.

  • Accurate cooking time is the key to success. You’ll be very sure to get a silky smooth egg texture.
  • Before steaming, remember to cover with foil. The egg custard surface can avoid water droplets.


  1. I just tried this today. The result was just like in the picture. Thanks!

  2. great recipe thanks..
    Is savoury steam egg done the same?

  3. Did you talk about the method of covering the egg while steaming?
    Yes, you can.

  4. Hi Christine,
    This dessert looks yummy!
    Can I use milk powder dissolved in water to replace the fresh milk?

  5. To Anonymous,
    I haven't tried replacing fresh milk with milk powder dissolved in water before. Well, I guess you can. But make sure the milk powder dissolves completely before adding into the egg.

  6. This recipe is great! I think the the 4minuite thing about lifting up the lid is great! Cuz the egg was so smooth!

    For those who are wondering how much 60 gram of sugar is...its 5 tablespoon...but to be honest...THAT IS RELI SWEET (I assume) because I only put 3.5 and it is just right!

    Thanks again for the recipe! Easy and tastey!

  7. To Anonymous,
    Thanks for your message.
    I used 40g sugar for my hubby. But for my lovely daughter who has a sweet tooth, it has to be more sugar for sure.

  8. My mom used to make steamed eggs for me as a dessert too :) except the ones my mom made wasn't sweet, it was salty.
    you can also put salt and stir the egg, and then add some water and steam.

  9. I tried it with some grinded ginger juice and it add a little zest to it!! great !!!

  10. should you set the stove to be at medium-high temperature to steam the mixture?

  11. To Anonymous,
    Yeah, you're right. Turn the stove to medium-high to keep enough steam inside a wok

  12. can we dissolved the sugar with water(250ml) instead milk to steam the egg.

  13. To Anonymous,
    Sure, you can do that. My mother used to steam eggs with water only.

  14. I need help!

    I did this yesterday, but the texture / appearance appears "holes".. which process I did wrongly?

    I use 1000ml of fresh milk boil with sugar til it melts. Allow to cool. 8 eggs beaten with fork til foam appears. Mix with the cool milk and steam it.


  15. To Jennifer,
    Did you remove the foam on the surface of egg mixture? Did you cover the mixture with foil when steaming? If not, you'd get many "holes" on your steamed eggs.
    The heat is also very crucial.

  16. Hi Christine,
    Just wondering, can I used caster sugar in place of white sugar so that it can dissolve more quickly in the warm milk?

  17. thanks for your recipe. I have been craving for this ages ago. I have succefully made my own now. turned out just as fluffy as yours..gonna love it.

  18. wow, thanks for the recipe. I was just wondering whether I could replace the sugar with sweetened condensed milk.

  19. Hello Christine,

    I have been looking for a recipe like this for so long.

    I tried to make a ginger milk one... but my ginger was apparently too young and the milk didn't set.

    Anyway, My attempt has been in a pot (covered) with a bowl in it.

    Not 100% perfect, but soooo yummy!



  20. To Felix,
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Glad that you liked this recipe.
    Yeah, hope you'll find some beautiful OLD ginger to make the yummy ginger milk next time.

  21. Hi Christine,
    do i steam it under high heat or medium?

  22. To Jennifer,
    Under medium-high, with lots of steam producing.

  23. hi... thanks for the recipe. i became a fan of this dessert when i tried it in hk a few yrs ago.

    i followed ur recipe but it turned out coarse and not as smooth n soft as yours. when my sis commented there's not enough 'egg taste' i added an extra egg but half amount of milk. it turned out hard. pls help? many thanks.


  24. To angie,
    The ratio of egg and milk (or water) has to be right. The steamed egg would be turned out to be too hard or too runny otherwise.

  25. thanks for this recipe i will try it real soon.. and it seems to be easy..

    i will steam it while we are cooking our rice.. just above the the rice cooker :D

  26. OMG! I was about to get it out of the steamer when I found out that the bowl broke, my mom really got mad :)... Clear glass bowls should not be exposed to extreme heat or in my case steaming.. I will still try this recipe real soon though.. thanks!

  27. helpfull, i like ur website.. Thank you... ^^

  28. To Ushino,
    Thanks for dropping by. :)

  29. OMG I tried this and it turned out as perfect as the dessert shops are selling. The soft texture and light colour, with the milky egg taste, everything was as what the above photos look! One thing to note that 60 grams of sugar is overkill for most people.. I put 50 grams of it and it was SUUPPERR sweet!! Perhaps 30 grams may be just right for most people =P

    Anyways, thanks to Christine for this wonderful receipe!! Won't be possible without this simple but perfect recipe =)

  30. Thanks for this easy recipe Christine, can't believe my favorite dessert is so simple to make! Tried out a few of your other recipes and they are fantastic too, glad I found your blog, please keep the recipes coming!

  31. Dear christine may i know the size of the egg used? And wouldn't low heat produce even softer outcome? Thank you

  32. Hi mabel ersan,
    I used the eggs of 55grams.
    The simple trick of making the steamed eggs with soft texture is to cover with foil, then steam.

  33. Thanks for the fantastic recipe Christine, finally I made it last night. My husband he loves it he said so smooth like tofu. We all love it and so easy to make. Thanks again.


  34. Thanks for the fantastic recipe, it came out so great my husband he loves it. He said so smooth like a tofu. We all love it. Thanks again

  35. It turned out to be Perfect!!
    (I had 3.5 tablespoon sugar)
    Thank you for a great recipe!

  36. I made this for my sister a few days ago and she loved it, but she also asked if I could make her a similar dessert she had in HK. She described it as a 'double skin milk'. Do you know what it is and would you have a post on it? I love your blog as you provide such helpful photos of crucial steps. Keep up the good work Christine!!

  37. To KK,
    Thanks for your love of my recipes.
    I know 'double skin milk' but haven't made it yet. If I do, I post it on my blog. Thanks for your patience.

  38. hello! i would like to know, is there a need to "pre-heat" the wok, as in the water is boiling already when you put the egg mixture in to steam? or do you turn on the stove only when you put in the mixture?

  39. To Anonymous,
    Add water into your wok and bring it to boil. When you see some steam releasing, put in your egg mixture, cover with a lid and steam it.

  40. i am trying this recipe out right now, i hope that my substitute for the sugar, honey, would not ruin it. if so, i will just grab some sugar when i go to the store today.

  41. p.s. i am trying this in a pot, with a strainer to hold the bowl and foil for the lid since the lid can't properly fit cause of the strainer lol. but it smells heavenly

  42. Hi Christine!

    I am steaming the egg now, can't wait to eat it. I have steamed for the past almost 20mins but found the top 1/4 still in liquid form. Is it because it's too runny? My eggs are a bit smaller than usual. And i'm not steaming in the wok, but the 3-layer steamer machine (i'm just using 1 layer and took away the other 2 layers).

    I have recently chanced upon your website and I must say it's a wonderful find! I have just started learning how to cook and I've followed 2 of your recipes for yesterday night's dinner. Thanks for the wonderful blog! :)


  43. Hi Karen,
    Thank you for dropping by and loved my recipes.
    If your eggs are too small, it'd be quite difficult to set. Next time use bigger eggs or add less milk. :)

  44. great recipe! I loved it! but I shouldve put a little bit less sugar in.. it was a little bit too sweet for me. but overall, it was really good (:

  45. Hi Christine, is it okay if I use soya milk instead ?

  46. @Anonymous
    I haven't tried it with soya milk, but I think it works too.

  47. Hi Christine,

    Thanks for posting this recipe. Tried it last night for dessert with my small steamer and it turned out like yours! Halved the recipe but kept the cooking times the same. Thanks again.

  48. Hi,

    I was wondering if you could substitute the milk with evaporated milk and just put less sugar? Thanks!

  49. i really want to try making this recipe but the steaming bit confuses me, since i'm not really a steaming kind of person. help?

  50. @Heide Szeto:
    Although I didn't try substituting the milk with evaporated milk, I think you might do so.
    Sure, you can adjust the amount of sugar to suit your own taste.

  51. Hi Christine,
    do you use egg yolk only or the whole egg? Thank you.

  52. Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing recipe!! My family and I were seriously blown away by how good it tasted. It was the smoothest, most perfect steamed eggs+milk we've ever had. Im Chinese and I've eaten so many different kinds of steam egg/milk made by families and friends...none of them were as good as this recipe. I never thought I would find such a perfect recipe online, thank you!!

  53. @Anonymous:
    Glad that you tried my recipe and loved it. Thank you for giving your feedback.
    It's indeed a great recipe I've tested so far.

  54. i tried steaming d egg in a alluminuim bowl n d egg cuddled and became over cooked!! Are we suppose to only use procelin bowls??

  55. @catherine:
    Yes, procelin bowls are better. The aluminium ones conduct heat too fast.

  56. Hi
    Jst tried your steam egg recipe and found that it took me more than 1/2 hr to cook the egg.Mayb its becos u steam it in a shallow plate n i did mine in deep remekins. I had to check every 15mins cos i was afraid that it would cuddle like d lastime but this time it turn out nicely. Thanks

  57. Two questions. (1) How well must I beat the eggs ; do you use an electic beater ? (2) Is there a reason why you warm up the milk ? Is it to melt the sugar ?

  58. @Anonymous:
    1. An electric beater will create too much foams. Thus, your steamed egg might get many holes inside or on the surface of it if you have any foams in the whisked eggs. Simply use a fork (or a whisk if you like) and beat the whole eggs thoroughly. Please refer to step 2 in "Method" section.

    2. Yes, warm milk will help sugar melt easily.

  59. Hello :) I tried this 2dae but i mistook the sugar for salt!It looked good and the texture was perfect too but it was sooo salty.I used a water bath to steam it and the "insides" were smooth

  60. Your recipe had been God send bec I had always wanted to make the steam egg. But this is a little too hard to my liking. So last night, I tried using 1 egg (abt 55gm) + 200ml milk + 2 tbsp sugar. This turned out closer to the HK version. I also found that the type of milk used also affects the taste. Eg the taste differs slightly if I'd use Magnolia fresh milk ( ; and if I use Marigold HL milk ( I'm including the URL here bec I know your readers can be from all over the world and may not be familiar to the products available in Singapore. In my next attempt, I'm going to add 1 tbsp of ginger juice to give it that special kick.

  61. Hi Christine, thinking of making this tonight for my visiting friends as its nearly Chinese new year - how many would your recipe serve? Many thanks.

  62. @T Ng
    It serves 2 to three people, depends on how hungry they are. :)

  63. Hi, Christine,

    Your 40 gm sugar is equivalent to how many tablespoons, and how much milk, and how many eggs?

    Thank you.

  64. @S. S. Lee:
    1 tablespoon (20ml) of sugar is about 18 grams.

  65. can i use Evaporated milk ?

  66. @Anonymous:
    Why not? As long as you like it. But for me, evaporated milk is too thick.

  67. Can I mix the beaten egg with milk at room temperature, ie without warming it.

    I find that I can easily melt the sugar in the milk at room temperature.

    What is the purpose of heating up the milk. In your Creme caramel version, you mentioned that the milk is heated up to almost boiling point.

  68. @S. S. Lee:
    By warming up the milk, you can be very sure that the sugar can be dissolved completely.
    If you like use milk at room temperature, it's fine.

  69. Hi Christine
    Can I steam this by using microwave only? If so, how long should i set to? Thanks :D

  70. @Anonymous:
    Sorry, didn't test this recipe with microwave oven. You might run a test and let me know how it goes.

  71. after making your delicious stewed beef brisket, i decided to make this for dessert! came out PERFECT!! thank you so much!! what might you suggest i substitute/take out if i wanted to make the ginger milk version?

  72. @Bonnie

    Simply add a few teaspoons of ginger sauce and replace some water in the recipe with milk to your liking.