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How To Remove a Pear Core

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How To Remove Pear Core03

After posting the classic dessert, Poached Pear in Red Wine, some readers sent me emails asking how to remove the pear core without doing much damages to the pulp? If you have a little kitchen gadget like mine, removing the pear core is pretty easy.

Pear Core Remover
This core remover online also does the good job as mine.

I can’t remember where to get the gadget. It’s my husband’s favourite tool to peel the skin of apples. The tip of the little peeler has got a very sharp point. The design of the peeler is nice, with a lightly curved body. You’ll see how easy I can remove the core of a pear. In the way, I can use it to remove the core of an apple.

First, trim off the bottom of the pear a bit. By doing so, I found it’s easier to manage the job of removing the core. Better still, the pear will sit on its bottom nicely after the “makeover operation”. Haha…

How To Remove Pear Core01

Insert the sharp tip of the peeler and run around the core. Scrape out the core inside.

How To Remove Pear Core02

Lastly, peel the pear.

How To Remove Pear Core04

Oh, how nice the hollow pear looks!

How To Remove Pear Core05

Do you have any other methods to remove the core of a pear or an apple? Feel free to drop a line in the comment.


  1. Neat trick! Im so lazy that I dun core it... kekeke

  2. I have a similar tool from a Middle Eastern shop. They use it to remove zucchini pulp for stuffed zuccchini stew!

  3. In Lebanese cooking we use corer every day ! This one can be found even at dollar stores, or Indian stores or any ethnic supermarket.

  4. What a great tip. Now, on a mission to hunt for the tool!

  5. Oh very useful tip for sure! I shall use this technique for apples too :)

  6. That's neat! I hardly have to think of removing the core cos I either cut them up (removing the core) or eat them whole till the core. :)

  7. love your step by step pics... this is something I should practise :)

  8. cool trick! there are other tools out there to remove the core, but they leave bigger hole! :)

  9. Great tip Christine...and love the pictures :-) Have a wonderful week!