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5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake (Two experiments)

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This 5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake is so popular, and you can easily find and choose the recipe you like the most via google search. I’ve been curious about how to make a chocolate cake in such a short time. Is it different from those baked from oven? Does it taste good? How is its texture like? After browsing a dozen of this kind of chocolate mug cake recipes, I decided to take a different route and tried two different cooking ways. Why? Simply for fun. Both mug cakes tasted wonderful. No matter you choose which way, I highly recommend this chocolate mug cake if you’re a chocolate lover when you have a midnight craving for it, or on any no-bake days for whatever reason. This recipe is a keeper. Save it in a place, as a chocolate cake lover, some how you’ll need it some day.

5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake with Two experiments (Printable recipe)
By Christine's Recipes
Prepare a large mug, microwave oven friendly
Prep time: 2 mins
Cook time: 3 mins
Yield: serves 1

  • 50 gm black chocolate, coarsely chopped
  • 4 Tbsp plain flour
  • 3 Tbsp sugar
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 3 Tbsp unsalted butter, melted
  • 3 Tbsp milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake Procedures

The first experiment: using a food processor
  • Process the chocolate in a food processor into fine pieces. Add flour, sugar and baking powder and blend well.
  • Pour in butter, milk, egg and vanilla extract. Pulse a few seconds. Don’t over blend, just incorporate, or else gluten would be generated in flour that affects the texture of the end result.
  • Transfer the batter into a large mug. (It’s better to be two-thirds full, as the cake will expand when heated. Then it shrinks back a bit after cooling down though.) Pop the mug into the microwave oven to cook on high power (1000 watts) for 3 minutes. Let cool down a bit, enjoy it straight from the mug with a spoon or tip it out onto a plate, topped with cream or your favourite ice-cream if desired.
  • If using a food processor, it’s quick and handy, surely a winning method to compact with the clock. You’ll enjoy a hot nice chocolate cake within 5 minutes. 
  • Some chocolate chips were still found inside the cake. It’s a good thing for those who enjoy the texture. But for those who want smooth texture, might consider replacing the chocolate with cocoa powder or use the second method mentioned below. 
  • Try to get good quality chocolate. You deserve a tasty chocolate cake, even though it’s in a mug.
  • The cake will rise quite high in the oven. So don’t fill the batter into the mug too full. If your mug is not big enough, divide it into two mugs.

The second experiment: using melted chocolate, and all ingredients the same but skip the baking powder.
  1. Place a mixing bowl over a saucepan with one-third full of water, simmering over slow heat. Melt butter and chocolate in the bowl. Set aside and let cool. 
  2. Use another mixing bowl. Combine flour and sugar. Add the egg, mix well. Pour in the milk mix thoroughly. Add the melted chocolate mixture and vanilla extract, and mix again. Transfer the mixture into a large mug. (It should be two-thirds full as the cake will expand.) Put the mug in the microwave oven and cook for 3 minutes on high power (1000 watts). Done.

Things found when compared the two methods:
To use a food processor, I’m totally confident in mixing all the ingredients, without worrying about leaving any flour not mixed well enough, or sit at the bottom, or sides of the mug.

5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake03
Used a food processor: fine chocolate chips still can be found in the cake.

Taking the second method, I need one more step of melting the chocolate first. By using this method, I couldn’t finish within five minutes. If anyone can break the record, please leave comments below this post and let me know.

5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake02
  Used melted chocolate, a smooth cake with the finest texture produced
Compared the taste of the cakes made by two different methods, both of them are wonderful and tasty. Only their textures were different.


  1. I've always wanted to try this 5 minute chocolate but was afraid of the texture but you have convinced me to try it at least once!

  2. I also saw this recipe somewhere and I definitely want to try your first method, fast and easy :)

  3. Let me rescue my microwave oven from the landfill : ).

  4. Oh...I love this...! This sounds so easy and looks totally delicious...:). Thanks for sharing :)!!

  5. My daughter made this to us once and that was such a quick dessert to fulfil your craving is a short time. And you're using real choc than cocoa powder, too! If you melt the chocolate in medium heat for 30 seconds or until choc melt in microwave, that's as quick as using the processor method. There is less washing to do afterward.

  6. both versions look good, no one can resist and a quick and tasty chocolate cake :)

  7. I love 5 minute mug cakes! :) I've always made mine pretty much with the first method...the second one sounds so time consuming! Your cakes look delicious!

  8. it is my all time go to chocolate dessert when I am desperate :) I usually microwave about 2min 30secs.

  9. If you're using method #2, a shortcut is to melt the butter and chocolate together in the microwave: put cold butter and chocolate together in a bowl and microwave in short bursts (maybe 40 seconds, depending on your microwave) until everything is melted, stirring in between each burst.

  10. i have seen these 5 minute cakes so often on the web that i am dying to try them out. i used to be scared they won't cook properly in 5 minutes. so, i really appreciate your detailed review.

    i think i like the second one a little more. it looks more moist...

  11. if you can stand using a cake mix...try the one on my blog. Its truly fudgey and moist. No need for frosting, unless you're having a BIG choco craving.
    since the blog post, Ive found it "bakes" better in a bowl than it does in a mug.
    it comes out much prettier!
    but, I must try your recipes, they look divine!


  12. 5 minutes huh! This sounds like my kind of recipe:D I'll definitely give this a try! Thanks for sharing your experiment:)

  13. Wow....that's fast. Looks very moist and delicious. I'm bookmarking this to make, especially if I have visitors come by without notice :D Thanks very much for sharing, Christine.

  14. I am a dedicated, lifelong chocoholic who needs her chocolate fix every single day; I had seen these recipes as well but never tried to make one;now I will with your guidance and will pick the second method. Thanks!

  15. This will indeed satisfy any craving for chocolate in a jiffy. So generous of you to share your findings of the experiments.

  16. So glad to hear it works well! On the other hand...that's not so good for my belly size to know such a yummy treat is so close at hand ;p

  17. chcoolate dessert in 5 minutes? i love it! girl you are a genius!

  18. It was gooooooooooooooooooodd!!

  19. I've tried this and it really works!! I tried once from another recipe which turn out rubbery.. This one is perfectly good!:) I think important thing is not overmix it. May I ask can I use cocoa powder instead of chocolate? If yes, how much is needed?

  20. @keikei88:
    Thanks for sharing what you've found. Great tip!
    You could replace chocolate with cococa powder, about 2 tablspoons.

  21. I just made this tonight, method number one and it was soooo delicious. I left some of the chocolate in bigger chunks and some part of the cake had some melted chocolate. Sooo yummy. I felt like i was eating chocolate lava cake. I microwaved it for exactly 3 mins and the cake turned out really moist. One thing i really love about this cake is that it's not very sweet! Thank you for the recipe Christine.

  22. @SusieQ:
    Wow, your cake sounds so nice and yummy, that got some choc chunks inside some melted choc. Love the texture. How wonderful you could enjoy something like chocolate lava cake within 5 minutes. Great!

  23. What an awesome idea! Great food sensory!

  24. Hello!! i just tried this today, using the second method <-- no food processor lol.
    I melted the chocolate and butter using the microwave as well, because i was too lazy =.=
    And i followed your instructions. Everything turns out great! My 1st successful cake! Thank you very much for the recipe!

  25. Hi, Christine. Your chocolate cake in a mug looks marvellous. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I don't hav a microwave. Can I use an oven? Is the method still the same and how long is the baking time and at what temperature? Please quide and thank you.

  26. @Anonymous:
    Sure, you can bake this cake in a conventional oven. Just transfer the batter to a cake tin, bake at 200c about 20 minutes. But the cooking time varies and depends on how big and deep your cake tin is. Test your cake with a needle to see if it's done.

  27. hello. i made it the other night, sorry i forgot to time it tho' i think it was more than 5 minutes, because i'm a slow coach. it was good, it tasted like steamed chocolate sponge cake. i served it with ice cream and it was delicious eaten after i took it out of the mugs. my husband liked it. i've seen another recipe that i will try. thanks for sharing your recipes. hetty x.

  28. Hi, do you know why mine turned out so rubbery? i microwaved it for 3 minutes

  29. @Anonymous:
    If the batter is stirred too hard, the cake will not be soft. Just combine all the ingredients lightly.