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Easy Recipes2 (My 2nd Cookbook)

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Here comes another excited news that I want to share with you all. I’m absolutely over the moon. My 2nd cookbook is officially released and hits the shelves of many large bookstores in Hong Kong.

It’s been over 3 years after my 1st cookbook, Easy Recipes-A Selection of Simple Classics, was published. Without your support, sending your feedbacks and love of my recipes, I won’t have the energy and motivation to publish another cookbook. I used to think that all is done if a dish is finished cooking and enjoyed by my loved ones, without a second thought of publishing it at all. All encouraging and kind words, from facebook, emails or blog comments, are received with my deepest gratitude. I feel so awesome, when this new cookbook is released. It's just like a lovely baby born in the family after 9 months of pregnancy as well as the labour of love.

Easy Recipes2_My 2nd Cookbook04

If you’re living in Hong Kong, this post seems to be late for you as this new cookbook is already distributed to many large bookstores in Hong Kong. For other bookstores overseas, like Taiwan, Malaysia or Singapore, the delivery will come in a bit later, but it'll be very soon hopefully. The photos of these copies I took and posted here were just received three days ago. Thanks for my publisher’s speedy DHL service. Now I can feel the real cookbook in my hands, just like holding an adorable baby in my arms.

Back to the contents of this new cookbook, it’s written in both English and Chinese as the previous one. It’s a hand-picked collection of the most popular and well-liked recipes on this blog, together with some new recipes that are never-published before and well tested. On top of that, I shared 7 basic cooking methods, including pan-fry, stir-fry, blanch, deep-fry, steam, stew/braise and bake with tips on how to make a dish successfully and avoiding some common mistakes.

The title of this cookbook is:
《簡易食譜2》 Easy Recipes 2 - A Selection of Beloved Recipes
First Published in Dec. 2015
By Etpress Hong Kong

How does this cookbook look like?
  • A selection of 58 popular and delicious recipes, including breakfast, main, snack, soup, dessert, cake and bread for home cooks.
  • Not only does each recipe has a beautiful finished dish photo, but also it’s illustrated with step-by-step photos.
  • To start with 7 basic cooking methods that you don’t want to miss, followed by tips on avoiding some common mistakes.
  • It’s written in Chinese-English that will help source the ingredients easily, with clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.
There are 260 pages in total.

Easy Recipes2_My 2nd Cookbook05

As usual, on top of a finished dish photo for each recipe, there are heaps of photos to illustrate each instruction step:

Easy Recipes2_My 2nd Cookbook02

Step-by-step instructions are written in both English and Chinese. It’ll be convenient for overseas readers or domestic helpers in Hong Kong.

Easy Recipes2_My 2nd Cookbook03

Q. Where can I get this cookbook - 《簡易食譜2》 Easy Recipes 2-A Selection of Beloved Recipes?
A. If you’re living in Hong Kong, that’s easy and straight forward. You can get your hands on it from any bookshops in Hong Kong, like The Commercial Press (商務印書館), Joint Publishing HK (三聯書店), Zhonghua Book Company (中華書局), Eslite Hong Kong (香港誠品), Cosmos Books (天地書店), Popular Bookstore (大眾書局).

Q. I’m living overseas, e.g. US, Canada, Australia, South East Asia or other countries except Hong Kong, how can I buy your cookbook?
A. It’s easy too. Overseas readers / fans can make use of the online service rendered by my publisher, Etpress 經濟日報出版社, and place your order on their official website.

Note: For those who read English, my publisher has created an English order page where you'll find a shopping demo to help you understand how to go about placing your order.

Q. Can I get your cookbook in Malaysia or Singapore? (Remark: This is a question repeatedly asked by my fans from Malaysia on facebook.)
A. If you’re living in Malaysia, Singapore or any districts in South East Asia, and want to get your copy from nearby bookshops, you might like to approach the nearby bookshop and ask for help. They’d order it from my publisher, Etpress 經濟日報出版社, once they realize there’s a need.

Q. Are there any other online stores that I can order your cookbook?
A. Yes. As I have been asked for this info, these sites are listed for your convenience. You can choose which one is best for you. I don't have any connections with them at all. If you have any questions concerning ordering or delivering, feel free to drop a comment there or email them for help.
  • YesAsia.com
  • Amazon (Note: The price is included the postal fees from Hong Kong to Amazon, then Amazon to buyers, plus admin fees for Amazon.)
  • eBay
Again, many thanks from the bottom of my heart to you all ! Enjoy happy cooking and good eats !


  1. Congratulations, Christine!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Congratulations Christine! I absolutely loved your first cookbook and it is a staple during the cooking of our meals. I look forward to grabbing your next one!

    1. Hi Frances,
      So glad that you loved my first book. Hope you'll love the 2nd one as much as the previous one.
      Thanks for your support!

  3. Congratulations Christine! Well done! Looking forward to getting a copy!

  4. Congratulations Christine! I always 'taken' your recipes online! Whenever I want to make a new dish, I always check your recipes first, they are so easy to follow but yet delicious! You are my 'sifu'! Thank you so much! Will get a copy of your new cook book while in Malaysia!

    1. Hi Siew Ling Yii,
      Your comment really made my day. Sure, my cookbook will go to Malaysia in a few weeks time. Thanks for your support !

  5. Congrats! I'm excited to get the new book. Is there a way for me to purchase the book without signing up for an account? Would you be using Amazon in the future to sell to your fans as well?

    1. Hi Euphoricblu,

      Thanks for your kind words.

      I asked my publisher to list my cookbook on Amazon and they did as I requested.
      As I saw the price listed there is not so competitive, so I don't recommend here. The price is included the postal fees from Hong Kong to Amazon, then Amazon to buyers, plus admin fees for Amazon.
      If you're keen to get a copy from there, here's the Amazon order link.

  6. This is silly! Why don't you get it listed on Amazon.com or eBay? I want to purchase it, put not through your publisher.

    1. I totally understand what you meant here. Thanks for your suggestion and your interest in getting my cookbook.

      My publisher has already listed my cookbook on Amazon and eBay. As far as I'm concerned, the price is included the postal fees from Hong Kong to Amazon, then Amazon to buyers, plus admin fees for Amazon, as a result it doesn't look so competitive, so I don't recommend here on my blog.

      If you're keen to get your copy through these sites, the order links are here: Amazon order link and eBay order link.

      Thanks again for your love of my recipes.

  7. Your Hong Kong publisher order page is totally in Chinese/Mandarin, not a single word of English. I like your recipes very much, and I want you to succeed, but when I can't order your cookbook from Canada, that is your fault. Think outside of the box: Your blog reaches many non-Asian readers!

    1. I feel you !
      Thanks so much for your love of my recipes. That's all I can say at the moment as I can't do anything about this matter.

  8. Congratulations on the publication of your 2nd Cookbook. Will check it out at the bookstore.

    1. Hi Kimmy,

      Thanks for your support. Hope you'll find it soon.

  9. Congratulations Christine.
    Your recipe are really awesome.it never fail my expectation. ..all very yummy!!

  10. Hi R's,
    Thanks so much for your kind words. :)

  11. Congratulation!!! Your book looks stunning...

  12. Hi Christine,

    I live in the US and I would like to be able to purchase the Chinese written version of the book for my mother-in-law. I saw some links to purchase the English one in the US, but how can I purchase the Chinese one?


    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Thanks for your interest in getting my cookbook.
      My cookbook is written in both English and Chinese. The links on this post to purchase is exactly the same book.
      But if you like to order online via Chinese page , here's the link to the publisher's site.

  13. Hi Christine,

    I'm Saut Lim from Gilbert, Arizona, USA.

    I try to buy your book on YESASIA, EBAY, AMAZON and Etpress, it look unavailable,
    the don't reprint your book anymore ?

    Your earlier reply would be highly appreciated

    Thks N. B. Rgds,
    S. Lim

    1. Hi Saut,
      First of all, thanks for your interest of getting my cookbook.
      I guess so. My cookbooks could be out of print. You might follow the link to the publisher’s website and send them an email to confirm if you want.

  14. Hi Christine I wish I knew you had a second book out, I thoroughly loved the first one. I tried looking for it online and I guess it is out of print, I hope your publisher will reprint it again. Love your recipes!

  15. Hi there,
    First of all, thanks for your support of my 1st cookbook.
    Yes, you're right. The second one is out of print.
    I'll keep posting more delicious recipes here on my site. Subscribe to this site if you don't want to miss any new recipes. It's free.
    Happy cooking!

  16. Hi Christine! Are there any plans to re-release these cookbooks? I missed them on their initial run and my sister is constantly using recipes from them and I am SO JEALOUS! Please consider re-prints...I'm sure your fans would love it!

  17. Hi Sophia, first of all, thanks so much for your love and support of my cookbooks. I'll announce on my websites and social media if my cookbooks get reprinted.

  18. Hello, I have enjoyed your first cookbook for many years and wish I had the second one too. Please consider a reprint, I would like to purchase it!

  19. Hi Richard,
    Thanks for your support. Will consider for sure if there're any chances. :)