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Kimchi Chicken Udon Soup (+Video)

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This kimchi chicken soup udon has included protein, vegetables, noodles, as well as kimchi to enhance the taste of the soup, which is very delicious. The layers of taste are very rich. This udon soup can be served as a quick light meal.

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Not only can Kimchi be served as a starter or side dish, but also can be a key ingredient to cook a delicious udon soup dish. It goes well with chicken. Other kinds of meat or seafood are also good choices.

Take a look at the ingredients list, I used chicken thighs that are cut into thick strips and marinated. The chicken meat doesn’t need to be cooked for a long time. It can be cooked through very quickly.

Kimchi Chicken Udon Soup Procedures

I used chives this time. You might use other vegetables you like, say baby bok choi or Chinese cabbage as long as it’s handy to you.

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As for the udon, I used frozen ones. Simply put them in hot water for a little while to loosen up. It doesn’t take a long time. All you need to do is to get the udon noodles slightly softened. I used a pair of chopsticks to help loosen the udon noodles. Then drain the udon noodles up. The udon noodles will be cooked again with other ingredients later. So, beware not to overcook them to maintain the texture.

Kimchi Chicken Udon Soup Recipe

(Printable recipe)
Course: Chicken, Noodles
Cuisine: Asian
Prep time:
Cook time:
Yield: 2 to 3 serves

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  • 85 gm chives
  • 50 gm chicken thigh
  • 400 gm udon noodles, frozen or fresh
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 cup chicken stock
  • 140 gm kimchi
  • seaweed, optional, for garnish
  • 2 tsp light soy sauce
  • ½ tsp raw sugar
  • 1 tsp corn flour/corn starch
  • sesame oil, to taste

Method :
  1. Rinse chives. Wipe dry. Cut into about 4-cm strips.
  2. Remove the fat from the chicken. Cut into strips. Mix with marinade. Combine with some sesame oil. Set aside.
  3. Briefly cook the frozen udon in boiling water. Once they are softened, use chopsticks to loosen them up. Drain out. Set aside.
  4. In a pot, pour in the water and chicken stock. Bring it to a boil over medium-high heat.
  5. Add the chicken and cook until its colour changed. Add the udon. Bring it to boil. Add some oil. Put in the chives and Kimchi. Season with salt if needed. It’s done. Carefully ladle udon soup in two serving bowls. Sprinkle and garnish with seaweed. Serve immediately.

  • You can use other protein, like beef, pork or seafood instead if you want.
  • If you can find any chives, you can use any vegetables instead.
  • I used seasoned seaweed to enhance the flavours and make the whole dish up a level. You can get it from any Korean or Asian grocery store. It’s optional though.

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