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Baked Lemongrass Drumsticks

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Drumsticks are meaty yet less oily and nutritious with high protein contents. This chicken meat cut is great for everyday cooking. I tried baking these drumsticks with lemongrass that helps bring in a refreshing fragrance. I often use a ceramic baking tray whenever I bake meat as it helps retain more juice and the baked meat won’t dry up too quickly and easily. Or you may use oven-friendly glass tray instead. A heavy-based metal tray which conduct heat evenly is also not a bad choice. But you have to keep close eyes on the meat and prevent the meat from being burnt. You won’t get wrong otherwise.

This is a no-brainer recipe. Just mix the drumsticks with marinade for enough time, then pop in your nice and hot oven. You can sit back and relax then. A dish of fragrant, juicy, tender drumsticks are ready for you to enjoy within an hour.
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Sriracha Turkey Mince Lettuce Wraps (San choy bau)

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San choy bau (生菜包) is a very popular Chinese dish that you must be very familiar with it. I tweaked and managed to make this version with surprisingly wonderful results.

Sriracha Turkey Mince Lettuce Wraps01

I used to cook pork mince to make san choy bau. Luckily I spotted a big sale on turkey mince at a nearby supermarket. The meat is so fresh and lean. I didn’t need to add anything to tenderize the meat at all. After stir-frying, the meat was so tender as expected, not tough at all. Best of all, turkey meat is lean and contains high protein content, really healthy.
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Slow-cooked BBQ Pork Ribs (Incredibly Delicious)

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This recipe will work perfectly either with a pot on stove or a slow cooker. This dish can be served with steamed rice or salad.

Slow Cooked BBQ Pork Ribs01

These are the best slow-cooked pork ribs I’ve ever had. The nearly fell-off-the-bone pork meat with the sweet and slightly tangy sauce will make you want more. The taste is well-balanced and the meat is not fatty at all. With minimum preparation, all the cooking can be done in one pot simmering on stove. If you have a slow cooker, draw it out from your pantry to serve you.
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Baked Kimchi Chicken Wings

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Baked Kimchi Chicken Wings01

Kimchi is so delicious, commonly served as a side. Ever tried using Kimchi to marinate chicken wings? Kimchi can bring so much flavours into the chicken meat. This baked Kimchi chicken wings dish is so simple and easy to make. Simply put the marinated chicken wings in a preheated oven. Then you can sit back and relax. You’ll enjoy tasty and juicy chicken wings within half an hour. A pear is mixed in the marinade that helps soften and enrich the flavours of the whole dish. Every mouthful is delicious. The meaty chicken wings absorb all the flavours of saltiness, tanginess and sweetness of Kimchi making all your taste buds dance in every bite. This dish can be served on its own. It’s also good to be served with steamed rice or salad.
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Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry

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Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry01

How nice would it be when having a tasty dish of chicken curry with a bowl of hot rice? I always love to cook this Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry with Thai red curry paste. The curry paste is handy to use and got all the necessary spices in it already. Sometimes going for such a modern convenience is a good ending of a hectic day with a tasty, yummy, juicy dish for dinner like this. This dish looks so humble, yet with rich flavours absorbed by the sweet potatoes. Oh, I nearly forget to mention the little greens. They are our favourite extras in curry too.

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