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Deviled Eggs (or Angeled Eggs)

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Deviled Eggs01

I can understand why we have eggs during Easter. Eggs symbolize life, making sense to me in relation to the meaning of Easter. Yet I have no idea why these stuffed eggs are called deviled eggs. Needless to say, google is a great place to find out the answer. To my surprise, “devil” is a culinary term, first known print reference appearing in 1786, referring to some hot and spicy dishes. Oh well, got it. Nowadays, the term “deviled” is often loosely used to describe foods that are oily, chocolatey or with high-carb or high-sugar contents.

Speaking back to these stuffed eggs, they are not evil at all as far as we’re concerned about the nutritious facts of eggs. Besides, these deviled eggs are very delicious and well-liked at any parties, perfectly served as finger food. The whites are not chewy but soft and smooth, given that you know how to make perfect hard-boiled eggs, with well-seasoned yolks on top. This fresh-looking dish is simple yet heavenly tasty. May I call them angeled eggs instead?
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Poached Chicken in Spicy Sauce (貴妃雞)

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Poached Chicken Leg in Spicy Sauce01

Traditional poached chicken is very popular in Hong Kong. If the chicken is just cooked through with silky smooth skin and the meat is succulent, it’s a high-praised dish that’s well-accepted by everyone. To make silky succulent poached chicken, it’s not that difficult as we thought. All you need to do is to submerse and soak the chicken in a bowl of iced water to stop the inner cooking once the chicken is done. The skin will be kept very smooth and the meat won’t be over-cooked. For making this special poached chicken, you can simply skip the soak-in-iced-water step, still can achieve the same effect. The simple trick is to prepare a bowl of cold spicy brine to get the cooked chicken soaked in it. It’s very straightforward and simple.

Besides, we are very concerned about the food safety nowadays. Don’t just rely on the traditional way of testing chicken with a needle or chopstick. It’s not totally reliable at all. What testing method is reliable then? Please take a look at the tip in the notes section below this recipe. Enjoy good and healthy eat!
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Indian Style Baked Chicken Wings

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Indian Style Baked Chicken Wings01

Chicken wings are a crowd pleaser at any party and so easy to prepare. This dish is inspired by Indian cooking that often yields many different spices. Yet, to make this dish, you only need 5 different kinds of spices. By mixing just a little bit of each one to marinate the chicken wings for several hours, the wings will turn to be very aromatic, and absorb enough healthy benefits from the spices.
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Chocolate Swirl Marble Pound Cake (Plus Video)

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Chocolate Swirl Marble Pound Cake01

I’ve been quite into swirl marble cake recently. Previously, I’ve made a matcha marble chiffon cake. The swirling process is the fun part. Each time I slice a swirl cake, my curiosity comes up quickly, wondering how the cake will look like inside. The outcome was great. Taste-wise, the slight bitterness of dark chocolate is just right to balance the sweetness of the whole cake. It’s perfect for tea. So I brought it along to join a gathering and shared with my friends.
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Curry Fish Balls with Radish (咖哩蘿蔔魚蛋)

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Curry Fish Balls with Radish01

Curry fish balls with radish were my most favourite childhood street food in Hong Kong. The street hawkers often used the deep-fried fish balls and boiled them in delicious spicy curry sauce. I couldn’t help myself to buy some on the way back home after school.

It’s very easy to make this dish at home. Whenever these curry fish balls are served in any parties, they’d be gone very quickly. This batch was made for a family gathering. The weather was a bit cold. So I kept them warm in my vacuum pot. When the pot cover was open, the aroma of coconut milk and curry drew everyone’s attention. People were curiously asked what’s inside the pot. Each fish ball absorbs the spicy curry sauce, making you want more. Yes, they are really addictive. The curry sauce is not too hot for us, just a mild kick. If you have young kids at home, you may use less curry paste and adjust the amount to your liking.
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Matcha Marble Chiffon Cake (Plus Video)

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Matcha Marble Chiffon Cake01

I’m so fond of the aroma and colour of matcha (green tea). By adding a little bit of it into the cake batter, I can get a very fresh smell and lovely green colour for this marble chiffon cake. The cake is very soft and fluffy as a cloud. The marble effect is very easy to make. All I have to do is to use a pair of chopsticks to draw freely in the batter. I’d be amazed by the different patterns created every time I bake this cake. As for myself, baking this marble chiffon cake is not only cooking, but also a leisure game. There’s nothing can beat a piece of matcha cake with a cup of tea. Do you want to join in to play the drawing marble pattern game?
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