How To Make Ginger Juice

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Grated Ginger Sauce01

If you’ve visited this blog for a while, you might have known there are some recipes yielded for freshly grated ginger juice. Fresh ginger is a very good and popular marinade ingredient that helps tenderize the meat and expel some awkward smell if there’s any. With ginger juice, you can make a tasty drink that boosts up your body health, or a dessert that satisfies your sweet tooth, or a delicious sauce that takes your whole dish up a level.

But, how do we make ginger juice? And how to extract as much ginger juice as possible? These are the questions I was asked repeatedly. You don’t need to slice or chop the ginger at all. These ways can only give you a few drops of ginger juice. In Australia, ginger root is quite expensive. So we’d like to extract as much juice from a small size of ginger as we can. It’s not that hard as you thought. All you need is an inexpensive ginger grater and your clean hands.
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Lemon Ginger Honey Tea

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Lemon Ginger Honey Tea01

Winter is flu season in Australia. Take care, everybody. This lemon ginger honey tea can help boost up our immune system. To myself, this drink is one of the most delicious flu and cold natural remedies. For ages, ginger has been used to help accelerate blood circulation, fight inflammation and relieve pain due to a cold in Chinese herbal medicine. Lemon contains high levels of vitamin C and helps detoxify our body. But wait, don’t be too hurry in putting in the lemon slices. Otherwise, you’ll lose the goodness of it, even though you still can enjoy a delicious tea. There’s nothing in the world easier than making this tea. But make sure the right steps are followed through in order to get the best out of it.
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Yoghurt Custard with Mixed Berries

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Yoghurt Custard with Mixed Berries01

I like all sorts of berries, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. Not only they have amazing health benefits with lots of antioxidants that can boost our immune system, but also they are juicy and tasty. With some berries, this baked custard was turned into a very balanced delicious dessert to wrap up my dinner. The dessert was even more superb by adding some yoghurt. It’s absolutely a guilt-free dessert. It can be served warm or cold. Yet I couldn’t wait to taste, so it’s gone in a few minutes once it’s out from the oven.
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Sago Dumplings with Red Bean Filling (桂花豆沙西米糭)

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Sago Dumplings with Red Bean Filling01

Dragon boat festival is coming around the corner, exactly falling on this weekend this year. We will surely have some traditional savoury Cantonese sticky rice dumplings. As I was itching to make some sweet ones for my family as well. I soaked some sago for a little while, then wrapped in with red bean filling. Voila, the steamed sago dumplings looked so spectacular and went so well with the fragrant Osmanthus syrup. Immediately I brought a batch for a family gathering. And it’s gone so fast. The second batch is reserved as afternoon snack on the weekend.
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How To Wrap a Pyramid shaped Sticky Rice Dumpling

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Pyramid shaped Sticky Rice Dumpling01

Dragon Boat Festival (端午節) is coming on the weekend this year. Get ready to make some sticky rice dumplings (zongzi 鹹肉糭) to celebrate? When I first learnt to make zongzi, I took the easiest way. Here's the recipe I posted previously. It only needs three pieces of bamboo leaves to wrap a zongzi. If you jump on the bandwagon to try making zongzi at home, I highly recommend the easiest method.

I reckon this pyramid shaped sticky rice dumpling is the most beautiful one. It’s the traditional shape mostly made by Hong Kong people. You need four pieces of bamboo leaves to make a dumpling. It sounds too many things to manage. But don’t be nervous. I posted a tutorial video below the recipe. It’s not that difficult as you thought.
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Slow-cooked BBQ Pork Ribs (Incredibly Delicious)

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Slow Cooked BBQ Pork Ribs01

These are the best slow-cooked pork ribs I’ve ever had. The nearly fell-off-the-bone pork meat with the sweet and slightly tangy sauce will make you want more. The taste is well-balanced and the meat is not fatty at all. With minimum preparation, all the cooking can be done in one pot simmering on stove. If you have a slow cooker, draw it out from your pantry to serve you. This recipe will work perfectly either with a pot on stove or a slow cooker. This dish can be served with steamed rice or salad.
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