Friday, August 29, 2014

Green Tea Custard Snowskin Mooncakes

Green Tea & Custard Snow Skin Mooncakes01

The Mid-Autumn festival is just around the corner. What makes the festival unique for me this year is that I can celebrate it with my own brand mooncakes. The customized mooncake mould, engraved with my Chinese blog title, 簡易食譜 (means "easy recipes" in Chinese) was a hearty birthday gift from my loved ones in the family. I treasure it so much. With it, I made these green tea snow skin mooncakes with custard filling. The matcha powder was bought from Japan a few months ago when we travelled there. I adjusted all the amount of flours in order to show off its beautiful green colour. The deep and vibrant green colour goes so well with the bright yellowish filling. Do they look similar to those pandan snowskin mooncakes I made before? Although both kinds of snowskin mooncakes are in green and yellow, the texture and taste of both end products are totally different. Which one would you like most? I like both.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ginger and Brown Sugar Tea (Chinese Health Tea)

Ginger Brown Sugar Tea01

When it turns cold, it’s good to warm up your body with a healthy warm tea. I especially like this simple Chinese ginger brown sugar drink. It tastes not too sweet with a touch of ginger taste. Ginger has a wide range of antioxidant properties as well as helps reduce digestive disorders. The extra ingredient I added, dried longan pulp, is good to calm your nerves and help you have a sound sleep. Not only does brown sugar sweeten your tea with a molasses flavour, it also gives you more minerals, like calcium, potassium and iron. In Chinese medicine, this tea can help relieve menstrual cramps.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tofu and Pork Mince Patties

Tofu and Pork Mince Patties01

Tofu and pork are perfect partners. As for this dish, the tofu, adding a refreshing note, helps turn the pork mince patties even more tender with moist. On the plate, a bed of crispy and crunchy lettuce to balance the texture will make you feel like never having enough of those pan-fried patties. Each bite of it that dipped in the delicious sauce will make your taste buds dance. Both my hubby and I found those four tofu and pork meat patties are really not enough. I have to double the portion when I make this dish next time.