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Boiled Pork Slices with Garlic Sauce

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Looking for some quick and delicious dish ideas? This boiled pork slices with garlic sauce is what you’re looking for.

I made this dish when the weather was scorching hot down under here. I didn’t need to stand very long next to a hot stove. This appetizing and refreshing dish can be done within 10 minutes.
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Braised Kimchi, Radish and Pork Ribs (Pressure Cooker + Stove Top)

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Pork ribs often need longer cooking time on stove top, but that will be shortened a lot if using an electric pressure cooker, like Instant Pot. No matter what kind of cooker you got, you can try this simple yet delicious dish without any fuss. Stove-top instructions are included beneath though.

Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish, yet quite versatile to be used in making various delicious and healthy dishes. By adding some Kimchi in soup, it helps to create a depth of flavours, and the whole dish becomes very appetizing.

The natural sweetness of radish is blended so well in the pork soup. The slightly tangy taste of Kimchi will intrigue you to want more.

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Cantonese Fried Noodles with Shredded Pork

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Whenever I went to Yum Cha with my father, he used to order this dish, Fried Noodles with Shredded Pork. I loved the crispy fried noodles, accompanying with juicy pork and assorted vegetables.

This is a very popular Cantonese dish that you still can find it at any Chinese restaurants. The price is not expensive after all. That’s why my father liked to order it to feed us.
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Chicken in Tomato Sauce (Chinese Cuisine)

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This is my favourite tomato dish that I learned from my mum. It's a Chinese popular dish in Hong Kong. My mum used to add an ingredient to make the tomatoes taste even better. It’s a kind of homey dish that many kids like to have with rice.

 Chicken in Tomato Sauce01

Tomato is a healthy food, not very expensive and can be easily found throughout the year. Long time ago, I read an article on The World’s Healthiest Foods talking about the antioxidant function of lycopene that tomatoes contain:
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Watercress and Monk Fruit Soup

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I often like using watercress to make Chinese long-boiled soup (老火湯). Watercress and monk fruit soup is one of my favourites. It’s both comforting and nourishing.

To make watercress soup, if not doing it right, it tastes bitter. Some of my readers asked me if I have any tips on removing the bitterness of watercress soup. Yes, I have.

My mother-in-law, an expert of making watercress soup, once taught me her trick of how to make watercress soup without bitterness.
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Tomato Chilli Prawns (Chinese New Year)

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There are many traditional dishes cooked during the Chinese New Year season. Many Chinese families like to cook prawns/shrimps, as the pronunciation of prawns in Cantonese is “ha” – much like “laughter”, that is associated with the idea of happiness and joy.

So prawns have been a must-have on a traditional Chinese New Year celebration menu.

Tomato Chilli Prawns01

My mum used to make a very simple and quick dish, stir-fried prawns with tomato sauce or ketchup that I love the most. Based on my mum’s cooking way, I tweaked it a bit by adding an amazing kick to this dish with Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, since my kid has grown up, getting love to have hot foods more and more.

Tomato Chilli Prawns02

If you have young kids at home, you just skip the chilli sauce, or vice versa, add more if you want it hot to your liking.

Hope all of you a happy New Year!
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Papaya and Chicken Feet Soup (Instant Pot + Stove Top Recipe)

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Hope the chicken feet won’t scare you off. As a matter of fact, this soup is very tasty, as a result it earned its popularity in Chinese community. This soup is put on high priority on my menu as my family loves it so much.

When I first moved into Australia, I could ask for chicken feet for free from supermarkets because most Australian didn’t like chicken feet. So the staff would throw them away. They’re so glad that if you asked and would give you a large packet. Now a small amount of chicken feet costs quite expensive instead.
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