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Steamed Eggs With Milk Dessert Recipe

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This steamed eggs with milk dessert is very popular in Hong Kong, and also my childhood dessert that I grew up with. The egg custard texture is so smooth as silk. Armed with this recipe, you can make your own at home at a very high success rate.

Steamed eggs with milk dessert01

I remember my dad always took me to a popular Chinese dessert restaurant when I was young. Not only did the dessert taste good, but also the companion with my dad made my heart feel so sweet.
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Malaysian Satay Chicken

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The taste of this satay chicken is so authentic and wonderfully delicious. The recipe was from a friend who was a chef in Malaysia. How could it be?

Malaysian Satay Chicken01

We held a Hong Kong style BBQ party some time ago, grilling foods on charcoal. The Malaysian chef bought some marinated satay chicken to share with us.
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Braised Chu Hou Chicken Wings (柱侯雞翼)

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If you love the classic Hong Kong hot pot dish, stewed brisket with Chu Hou paste (柱侯牛腩) like me, you will like this braised chicken wings.

Braised Chu Hou Chicken Wings01

The taste of Chu Hou paste goes really well with the chicken wings. It’s wonderfully delicious.
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Pumpkin, Mushroom and Chicken Rice

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The grains absorb all the flavours of the chicken, mushroom and pumpkin. It's so delicious and nourishing.

Pumpkin Mushroom and Chicken Rice01

Pumpkin, mushroom and chicken are nutrition packed ingredient individually. I tried putting them together to make a one-pot rice dish, and it turned out deliciously nourishing.
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Baked Chicken Wings with Honey & Lemon

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These baked chicken wings are tasty and juicy with fragrant lemon aroma.

Baked Chicken Wings with Honey & Lemon

Whenever we have chicken wings for lunch, dinner or snack time, my daughter would never have enough.

One of my friends even screams out, “Chicken wings, I love you.” , when any wings are on table. I don’t know if chicken wings have got any magic.
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Mushrooms & Fried Tofu in Sesame Sauce

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Only by spotting this dish name, Mushrooms & Fried Tofu in Sesame Sauce, you’d know it’s a meatless dish. Once in a while, I’d like to make a dish without any meat to balance my family’s diet, yet with an ambition of pleasing their taste buds,

Mushrooms & Fried Tofu with Sesame Sauce01

The highlight of this dish is the sesame and miso sauce. It’s quite straightforward to whip up the sauce. I experimented by adding a bit of Kewpie roasted sesame dressing and see how my family liked it.
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Pan-fried Lemongrass Chicken Wings

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These lemongrass chicken wings are perfect for grilling or BBQ, or even pan-frying them. They will taste great and wonderful.

Pan Fried Lemongrass Chicken Wings01

Chicken wings are always a big hit in my family. You can’t be wrong if you bring along some yummy wings to share in any party or BBQ gatherings.

The marinated lemongrass chicken wings are suitable for various cooking ways as you wish, whether you grill them in an oven or pop them onto a BBQ stove, they would come out great and wonderful.
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