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Red Bean and Coconut Milk Soup (Instant Pot Recipe)

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Red Bean and Coconut Milk Soup01

No soaking required, dried red beans can be turned into tender enough with “sandy” consistency just around an hour. Are you intrigued to try? I was. Whenever I make our traditional Chinese red bean soup, I need to soak the beans for at least 3 hours or overnight before cooking about one to two hours, depending on how I like the consistency. I’m a big fan of all kinds of red bean desserts but couldn’t make any if without any planning ahead. So I searched the internet high and low and tried to see if there’s a kitchen gadget that could help me out.

After searching for a while, I finally made the decision and bought this Instant Pot. It’s got multi-functions including a high-pressure-cook mode. Making a stew dish within minutes is the best job that can be done in a pressure cooker. Yet cooking beans might be a challenge for it. You might be like me. I’m afraid of cooking beans in a pressure cooker as the increased volume or bits of broken bean skin might get stuck in the valve. So it’s very important to follow the instructions in the product manual, not to put too many red beans and water into the pot.

How was the outcome? I was quite impressed with the cooked beans after finishing one cycle of “porridge” function. The beans were so tender and kept intact. The cooker needs 20 minutes to raise the pressure and heat inside, another 20 minutes to cook. I used the natural release of pressure that spent about extra 30 minutes. The total cooking time counting from putting all the ingredients in until the dish can be served was 70 minutes. If you’re like me going for the traditional “sandy” texture, you need to do one more simple step. Overall, it’s not bad for me especially when I crave for a red bean soup on a hectic day, originally required long-hours of preparation and cooking.

For those who don’t use a pressure cooker, I inserted the instructions how to make this classic Chinese dessert on stove. Hope you all like it.
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Bandit Chicken Wings (土匪雞翼)

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Bandit Chicken Wings01

This is a signature side dish of a popular noodle restaurant in Hong Kong, very well-known and loved by local people. I have no clue how this dish name came up. The word of “bandit” might put some people off to try. Believe me, the taste of the dish is wonderfully good. The soul of this dish is the spice, cumin, that makes all the baked chicken wings smell pleasantly and take the whole dish up a notch. Cumin, a popular spice, is often used in my satay chicken too. That’s the recipe I got from a Malaysian friend a few years ago. When it comes to making these bandit chicken wings, try to source the pure cumin spice, not the cumin seasonings out there, already mixed in some other ingredients.

It’s a no-brainer dish. All you need to do is mixing and baking. When you’re ready to make this dish, just pop the marinated chicken wings into your oven. There you go. Oh well, if you don’t want to use an oven for some reason, you can pan-fry them. The taste is equally good. It can be served as a main, side or finger-food in a party. Give it a go, and let me know how you like it.
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Sponge Cake (Separated Eggs Method + Video)

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Sponge Cake01

There are two ways of making sponge cakes. One way is to use whole eggs, the other uses separated eggs. I found the latter method is easier to get the best and fluffy cake that Asian people most enjoy. All you need is only 5 ingredients. If vanilla extract is omitted, only 4 ingredients can do then. By icing this sponge cake and decorating it with strawberries, it turned into my husband’s birthday cake. This recipe finally got posted. Hope you’ll love it.
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Butter Pound Cake

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Butter Pound Cake01

Butter pound cake is my favourite childhood dessert. I remember how the strong aroma of butter made this traditional cake so addictive to me, feeling like never having enough of it. Its simplicity, without any fancy decoration, with the golden brown crust, buttery taste and rich texture, totally wins my heart. You can’t stop eating after tasting the first slice. Mind you, if you’re on diet, make sure you can share with some other friends, or bring it along to any parties as finger food. One slice of the butter pound cake, with a cup of tea or coffee, brings me enough enjoyment with no regrets.
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Strawberry Cream Cake

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Strawberry Cream Cake01

Yay, I made something special for my husband’s birthday this year. Yes, this was his favourite strawberry cream cake. The beautiful sweet strawberries were bought at a special price. They’re nothing less than perfect. My husband once said that strawberries and fresh cream are perfect partners for making any dessert. I couldn’t agree more. The sweet and slightly tangy taste of the berries is just right to balance the flavour of the whole cake.

Instead of making a 20-cm (8-inch) cake, I decided to make a smaller, 15-cm (6-inch) one this time. It’s a good sized cake for two-people celebration. As fresh cream is used, without any preservatives, it’s better to finish the cake as quickly as possible. For convenience, you may use the store-bought sponge cake to whip up your own.
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Pumpkin, Mushroom and Chicken Rice

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Pumpkin Mushroom and Chicken Rice01

Pumpkin, mushroom and chicken are nutrition packed ingredient individually. I tried putting them together to make a one-pot rice dish, and it turned out deliciously nourishing. The method I used is quite similar to making traditional Chinese hot-pot rice. As I wanted to easily control the moist level of cooked rice, I stir-fried the shiitake mushroom and chicken in a wok separately, followed by popping them onto the rice. If you have a rice cooker, you may put all the ingredients into it and let the machine do all the job for you for convenience.
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