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Beef Ribs in Black Pepper Sauce (Pressure Cooker or Stovetop)

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Beef Ribs in Black Pepper Sauce01

Last black Friday, my instant pot was on big sale on Amazon. Did you manage to grab one to make some fast and delicious foods? This recipe is a super-quick one suitable for pressure cooking if you have one. I got these beef ribs from supermarket that were quite thickly cut. Yet, my Instant Pot turned them into soft and tender meat just in a few minutes. This was our dinner dish I made after coming back home late from an afternoon gathering. The pressure cooker is really a good helper on such a hectic day. What I need to do was to pop in all ingredients inside the pot. After a few minutes, we enjoyed this flavoursome dish comfortably. What a bliss! (I inserted stovetop instructions in notes section below the recipe.)
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Char Siu in Pressure Cooker

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Ever wonder you can make char siu (Chinese BBQ pork) in a pressure cooker? With my recent kitchen toy, Instant Pot, I made this char siu dish with a significantly shorter cooking time. The pork meat was so tender and juicy. I don’t need to worry anymore, in case I forget my baking in oven, risking to ruin our dinner with over-baked, dried meat.

How about making the burnt marks on the surface? If you scroll down and browse the recipe below, you might yield to me something like this, “Is it that simple?” Yes, it’s downright simple and easy. Just a few minutes, you’ll get your char siu look exactly the same as those from oven. Previously, a few readers asked if we could make char siu without char siu sauce. Sure, you can. This is the recipe that you don't need any char siu sauce. I substituted it with two sauces that mainly made from fermented foods. The taste is evenly good as those baked from oven. Here’s the previous baked char siu recipe using oven.
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Salmon Fish Cakes

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Salmon Cakes01

In Chinese cooking, steamed live fish is my first choice, not only because it’s easy and quick, but also I can enjoy the fresh and natural taste of the fish. Amongst all kinds of fish, salmon is my most favourite. I’d go for salmon sashimi without second thought. If there’s no salmon available for sashimi or have too much salmon leftovers, this salmon cake recipe is a saver. I can’t over state how tasty, nutritious and healthy these salmon cakes are. These pan-fried salmon cakes are really moist and juicy, with a bit of crunchy onion inside that adds more textures and flavours, just right to be served with any kind of sauces you like. Best of all, these salmon fish cakes are freezer friendly for a hectic day.
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Pumpkin Cheesecake with Caramel Sauce

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Ever wonder how versatile pumpkin puree is? You can make many delicious dishes with it. This time I used it to make cheesecake. My daughter was so intrigued to know what kind of cheesecake when I moved to my kitchen to get preparation. The two words from my reply, “pumpkin cheesecake” instantly caught her attention. “Pumpkin?” “Exactly. Pumpkin cheesecake.” I felt her curiosity in her tone of voice was doubled to find out what its taste would be like. Well, pumpkin has a natural sweetness in itself. I assured her that making a dessert with this healthy produce will be so right for our taste buds. Once I made this cheesecake and finished taking photos, I shared a large bite with her. Immediately, she returned a feedback that it’s so creamy. I drizzled some caramel sauce on top making this dessert even more attractive. This pumpkin cheesecake is perfect for entertaining your family guests as well.
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Caramel Sauce Recipe

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Caramel Sauce01

Caramel is an amazing, classic sauce for many kinds of dessert. Once the white sugar is cooked into amber or dark brown colour, it gives a wonderful caramel smell. Previously, I made a simple caramel for creme caramel (a French custard dessert), with only sugar and water. This time, a small amount of butter and cream were added to increase its creaminess. I drizzled some over my cake. I didn’t feel it’s too heavy, but wanted to have more. If you’ve ever tried caramel sauce before, you’d know how wonder it tastes.
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Baked Sriracha Honey Chicken Drumsticks

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Our family loves Sriracha sauce, a Thai hot sauce, very much. It tastes tangy-sweet, a bit spicy, yet not too hot. The sauce is very popular in many countries and has got many people hooked. One of the magic jobs done by Sriracha is that it can make baked meats so flavoursome. I didn’t need a second thought and squeezed some of this magic sauce to marinate the chicken drumsticks. This baked chicken drumstick recipe is a no-brainer. It won’t fail you at all, if only you forget your baking goods in oven. I know, you won’t as some tender, juicy chicken drumsticks with sticky, yummy sauce on are expected in just a while .
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