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Green Tea Chiffon Cake

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Green Tea Chiffon Cake

This Green Tea Chiffon Cake is quite easy to make. Once you have got all the ingredients in your pantry, you can bake a beautiful green tea chiffon on the go. My family loves every dessert that made of green tea. When I was writing this recipe, I heard my husband’s voice coming from our kitchen, “Where’s the green tea cake? I can’t find it.” I told him it was put into fridge as it’s got cream on it. Having written up this recipe, half of the cake was gone. Oh dear!

Prepare one 8-inch round cake mould with removable base

  • 80 gm cake flour
  • 5 egg yolks
  • 30 gm caster sugar
  • 35 gm vegetable oil
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 3 Tbsp green tea powder (Matcha powder), or to taste
  • 120 ml hot water (or hot milk)
Egg whites:
  • 6 egg whites
  • 50 gm caster sugar
  • 1/2 tsp cream of tartar
Powdered Green Tea
  • 3/4 cup fresh whipping cream
  • 2 Tbsp caster sugar (or add more to your taste)
Green Tea Chiffon Cake Procedures
Green Tea Chiffon Cake Procedures02
  1. Preheat oven to 170C (338F). Dissolve green tea powder in hot water (or hot milk). Let cool down.
  2. Combine cake flour, baking powder and salt well.
  3. Mix green tea powder in hot water/hot milk well. 
  4. Whisk egg yolks, stir in 30 grams of caster sugar until completely dissolved. Add vegetable oil, green tea mixture, and sift in cake flour mixture in sequence. Make sure to combine and stir well between adding each ingredient. That’s the batter you need. Set aside.
  5. Use an electric mixer to beat egg whites until bubbles form. Add cream of tartar. Blend thoroughly, then add one third of sugar at a time. Combine well between the adds, until stiff peaks form. (Please refer to this video, showing how to beat egg whites, on my youtube channel.) Here’s a simple test whether your egg whites are ready or not. The egg whites won’t slip or fall down even if you turn your bowl upside down.
  6. Fold in 1/3 of egg whites into the batter. Gently incorporate all ingredients with a rubber spatula. Repeat this procedure with the rest of the egg whites. Don’t beat or stir too hard, just combine well.
  7. Transfer mixture to cake mould. Bake in preheated oven for 35 to 40 minutes. Test the cake with a needle. If it comes out clean, it’s cooked. Remove from oven and invert the mould immediately. Let the cake cool completely. Use a knife to run around the edges of mould and take out the cake carefully.
  8. Add caster sugar in fresh whipping cream and beat with an electric mixer until soft peaks form. You might like to sit the bowl on some ice cubes to beat whipping cream in warm weather. I skipped this step when the weather is cold. Most importantly, chill the mixer and bowl in fridge before beating, that would help you to get better results. Chill the beaten cream in fridge for 30 minutes.
  9. Cut the cake into halves and spread cream evenly as picture shown. Done.


  1. This looks like my kind of cake, simple and delicious and I love the addition of macha

  2. I have never tried making chiffon cake so far as I know the mixing part is very challenging. After reading your success story and looking at your marvellous cake, I am so inspired to try it out now! Will definitely bookmark it. Tks!

  3. To OysterCulture,
    Yay, not only is the green tea cake a big hit in my family, but also amongst my blogmates.

    To Food For Tots,
    You're absolutely right. The mixing part is quite challenging. But once you have the skill of folding in egg whites, you'll make it. The secret is "lightly fold with vertical motions", scraping the mixture from the bottom to the top, not stirring it. Hope you make the first chiffon cake successfully.

  4. Thanks Christine for translating this!


  5. To Michelle,
    You're welcome. Enjoy!

  6. This looks extremely light and fluffy! Another great recipe using matcha!

  7. To pigpigscorner,
    I guess you're a big fan of matcha! Am I right?

  8. i've tried this recipe twice now, but the batter separates in the oven and ends up just tasting like egg. :( i've had to trash both batches.

  9. To Anonymous,
    sorry for hearing your bad news.
    It could be the problem of beating egg whites, very typical issue.

  10. hi christine,

    i'm a uni student in australia and i stumbled upon your blog by chance.i had so much fun looking through your recipes and now my housemates think i can cook like a pro because of your recipes!and they're ridiculously simple to make and yummy!


  11. Hi Christine,
    Just wondering are the oven temperatures mentioned in all your recipes for conventional or convection ovens? Thanks.

  12. Hi cheryl,
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your kind words.
    So you have to cook by yourself, right? Hope my recipes can help. You'll easily find all the ingredients here in Australia and cook good foods for yourself. Did you subscribe my blog? You won't miss any updates if you have subscribed.

    Hi Chi,
    The temperatures mentioned in my recipes are for conventional ovens.
    BTW, please note that the temperature of every oven would be slightly different. You have to observe and adjust by yourself.

  13. Hi Christine, I tried this recipe a few time but the cake still collapse at the end. The egg whites is fine, they passed the upside down test....just don't know why it has not been working for me?

  14. To Olivia,
    Great, you've beaten egg whites that passed the test.
    The mould is very crucial for baking a chiffon cake as well.

    What kind of mould did you use? The one should be non-stick. Once the cake has puffed up, it'll stick to the sides of the mould and would not collapse then.

  15. Is it necessary to use the tube ring pan for this cake? I don't have one.. will a springform pan work as well ? or a square baking dish ?

  16. To Anonymous,
    Not necessary, but it helps to produce the best result.

  17. Is it okay to not add the green powder? Would it still taste sweet, like the regular cream flavor at the bakery? And have you tried making a chocolate/mocha flavor? I am in the US, so cake flour is coming I can find in asian stores? Also, caster sugar is powdered sugar?

    Your website is fabulous! I discovered your blog last week during lunch, the food you make are so yummy looking! Love your blog!

  18. hi Christine,
    Do I need to grease the chiffon pan?

  19. To Steph,
    It's okay if you don't add the green powder. The taste won't be the same as mine, of course.

    Yes, I baked some chocolate cakes before.

    Caster sugar is very fine sugar, but not in powder form.

    Thanks for your love of my blog. Welcome you to come back and visit again.

  20. To Anonymous,
    For baking this cake, you don't need to grease the chiffon pan. The cake would deflate after cooling down otherwise.

  21. Hi Christine,
    Not sure if my previous comment got through, but just wanted to ask if I baked this cake in a 10 inch chiffon pan instead of a 8 inch pan, should I adjust the temperature and baking time and by around how much? Thank you.

  22. Hi Christine,

    Your chifon cake looks amazing! I was wondering, if I wanted to make coffee flavour chifon cake and vanilla flavour chifon (like in the chinese bakeries) what and how should I substitute the green tea powder?

    Thank You in Advance!



  23. Hi Christine, is cake flour same as self-raising flour? I can't find cake flour at my local supermarket. Cheers Jan.

  24. Hi Christine,

    If I was to use instant coffee powder (instead of green tea powder), would that work? How much should I use?


  25. Hi Christine,

    Where did you purchase the chiffon pan? I cant seem to find any that is not a non-stick.



  26. Dear Christine,

    Thank you for the great recipe - I successfully made it this morning.

    Just one thing though: how do you remove the cake from the mould without tearing off all the lovely brown skin? I used a knife to run around the edges of the mould, but when the cake came out, the brown skin was still stuck to the mould and the cake came out without a skin (and also had some chunks missing from the body which were still stuck to the mould).

    Thank you,

  27. Hi Christine,

    Great recipe & guides :)
    i've just tried making a ciffon cake but it didnt raise as much as ur cake does. Any tips on this?

    Love youe blog! :)


  28. Hi Christine,

    Thanks for your comments, i guess u were right, i did beat the egg whites, but it didnt pass when i turn upside town:(

    as for the fold part, let's say i was doing in another bowl then i need to pour the batter into the baking pan, by doing this, will it loose the wind? or i should juz fold in in the baking pan itself?

    yes u were right, i did opened the over doon once awhile to check on the baking process :(

    Many Thanks pointing out my mistakes >.< will try again soon :)


  29. Hi Karen,
    Here are the videos I uploaded on youtube. (I pasted the links on the sidebar on this blog too.)
    You might like to view them and get the idea of how to go about beating egg whites and folding in the egg whites.

    As for folding in egg whites, I often use a large mixing bowl, then transfer the final batter into a baking tray. If you use a baking tray to do the fold-in job, it's quite difficult because a baking tray is quite small, too shallow or too wide. So, it's no problem of using mixing bowl.

  30. Hey Christine,
    Many Thanks for your videos, it's fantastic! Will try again :)

  31. Hi Christine,
    I've tried the 2nd time, the cake raise when it's baking, however it shrink once it's almost done, any idea how come it'll be like this?
    Thanks! Karen

  32. Hi Christine,
    Thanks for the advice again. Guess it's my oven door problem, it was not properly closed (with 1cm gab). Sigh guess i will retry this cake later on with a proper oven >.<
    Many Thanks! Karen

  33. OMG I so wanted to make this! Looking at all the comments helps too! Karen I hope you finally made the cake successfully! And Christine thank you so much for posting the video of egg folding- I always wonder if I fold it correctly

  34. hello..really loves your site!they are great to cake lovers..I'm so worried about baking chiffon cake in a big square pan used for i wish u tried it baking in a sq. pan. For me,my experience is a disaster,when i took it out of the oven it had shrinked at the center and i knew it was underbaked. while baking,i smelled that its burning so i stopped the oven and took it out..Have you heard about using heating core? for cake that is hard to be baked in the center..i'm not sure if it can be applied to chiffon baked in sq pan..Sharee frm Philippines

  35. oh really. Thank you for your quick response. Your blogsite is very clear to understand..once again,thank you thank you!!sharee

  36. Hi good evening.dear ma'am(I'm going to call u my teacher,hehehe..)ma'am christine, may i request you to please have a recipe for just plain chiffon cake recipe..I'm afraid to be the one to modify it into plain one because I'm too worried that the result myt be dry or soggy.Hope you can!!this site is the only one I have ever wanted to follow..Thank you!!Sharee,18

  37. Hi Christine, I tried this recipe a couple times but my chiffon cake did not turn out right. The inside of the cake does not get cook. The tooth pick always come out with a little bit of batter. I added 5 minutes each time I tested it; and baked total of 55 min. The outside of the cake is very brown but the inside appears to be uncook. I use a fluted cake non-stick pan very similar to yours, my egg whites pass the upside down test, I fold them in exactly according to your video. I baked at 338F. What can be wrong? I see the picture of your cake and it really inspired me. Can you help?



  38. Christine, I am Fong, so happy to hear from you. I followed everything with two exceptions. 1. I used lemon juice instead of cream of tartar and 2. I forgot to add the salt. My oven is quite new, less than two years old. Do you think these two things made a difference? Can my American oven be different from yours oven in Australia? I am wondering if I should try baking it at 350F. Some American chiffon cake recipes are baked at this temperature. What do you think? I do want to try this again once I hear from you.

    And thank you so much for posting your recipes. I am learning a lot and my family loves the food. I used the tangzhong method for all my breads now. I am becoming addicted too!

    Thank you again. Look forward to hearing from you.


  39. @Fong:
    It's not the problem whether it's American or Australian made oven, as long as the temperature is right.
    Just wonder what size and model of your oven you used. Did you have the same problem, with the middle part uncooked when baking other cakes or other foods?

    You said that you baked the cake at 350F, that's fine. It seems that you did everything correct. The lemon juice and salt were definitely not related to the uncooked middle part of your cake.
    The problem was probably caused by your oven. That's all I can say.

  40. thanks for this tips

  41. Christine, I decided to invest in a kitchen scale. I tried this recipe and weighted the ingredient and the cake turn out perfect, very light and delicious.
    Thank you,

  42. Hi Christine,

    Why do we need to chill the beaten whipped cream in the fridge for 30 mins before use? Is this apply to all the whipped cream. Hope to hear from you.

  43. Christine, thank you for your advice.

  44. Hi Christine,

    When you mentioned to mix the green tea powder with hot water, how much water exactly do you add?

    I am going to try your recipe with two round baking tins and apply the whipping cream between the two cakes. Do you think that will work?

    Thanks! :)

  45. Hi Christine, I have done this recipe and I love it!! I am a big fan of matcha so it worked out really well. I'm doing it again soon but reading over, you forgot to mention when to add sugar and cream of tartar to the egg whites? Does it really matter when you add it? I can't remember from when I made it haha.

  46. Hi Christine, thanks for the recipe, tried it out today and turns out really nice. However personally I like dry chiffon cake so should I just increase the duration from 35 to 40min, or using water instead of hot milk will make it less moist? Thanks in advanced!

  47. Hello Christine!

    Thank you SO MUCH for your delicious recipe!!! My cake turned out better than I thought it would!!! It was as good, if not better, than the best green tea chiffon cake I had tried (made by a Japanese woman)!!!

    The only "personal touch" I added was to thinly shred some white chocolate into the filling. With or without it, this cake was a SHOW STOPPER!!!

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! :D

  48. Hi Christine,

    I just baked this cake for the third time and it turned out better than the previous two times. The only things that bother me were the bottom of the cake gets stuck to the mould and is hard to get out. I hesitate to use parchment paper as it might cause the cake to flip out when it is turned upside down. The second problem is the top of the cake is sometimes crackly and the sides a little yellowish brown. I think that might due to the heat distribution.

    This cake is definitely a keeper. Now I just need to figure out how to make the top and sides of the cake look nice! Thank you!

  49. Hi christine,

    I've being pretty successful with ur baking recipes sp far, so easy to prepare!

    One thing is, the baking side up (bottom side after removing the mold), never seem to dry off, it gets so sticky all the time, i try to makecupcakes with this recipe, nevermibd that it sank in a kittle bit, but cooling off overnight doesn't help to dry the top, is there another option besides chopping it off? The icing won't sit well as its affixed to the moist top.


  50. @Tracy:
    Did you let your cake sit on a wire rack to cool down? The moist should escape through the rack.

  51. hi christine!
    i tried this recipe last night, but the bottom of the cake cracked while in the oven.

    Is this because the eggs are not at room temperature?



  52. @Olinda:
    It shouldn't be the temperature of the eggs because some people also use chilled egg whites and it didn't make the cake bottom crack.
    Wonder if you are talking about the top or bottom of the cake cracked? It's quite common that the top of chiffon cake cracked while baking. Just reduce the temperature of your oven a bit. It might help.
    But, if the cake base cracked, it's not a common problem. Interesting!

  53. Hi Christine!

    I'm confused as to which flour to use? Is it actually called cake flour (like on the packet/box)?? There's so many other types of flour i can buy in a asian shop, i don't know which one's the right one.

    1. Yes, on the packet, it's written as cake flour or low gluten flour (低筋粉). You can get it from any Asian grocery stores.