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Salmon Fish Cakes

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These pan-fried salmon cakes are really moist and juicy, with a bit of crunchy onion inside that adds more textures and flavours, just right to be served with any kind of sauces you like. 

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In Chinese cooking, steamed live fish is my first choice, not only because it’s easy and quick, but also I can enjoy the fresh and natural taste of the fish.

Amongst all kinds of fish, salmon is my most favourite. I’d go for salmon sashimi without second thought. If there’s no salmon available for sashimi or have too much salmon leftovers, this salmon cake recipe is a saver. I can’t over state how tasty, nutritious and healthy these salmon cakes are.

Best of all, these salmon fish cakes are freezer friendly for a hectic day.

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Salmon Fish Cakes Recipe (Printable recipe)

Course: Seafood
Cuisine: Asian
Prep time:
Cook time:
Yield: 2 to 3 serves

 Salmon Cakes

  • 200 gm salmon, skinned and boned
  • 100 gm potato
  • 65 gm pork mince
  • 60 gm onion, diced
  • a knob butter
  • 1 Tbsp whisked egg
  • salt, to taste
  • pepper, to taste
  • vegetable oil

  1. Roughly chop salmon into chunks and process in a food processor until almost minced.
  2. Peel potato and cut into 2 to 2.5 cm sized cubes. Cook in boiling water, about 20 minutes until cooked, easily poked in with a sharp knife. Drain well and mash into paste. Let cool.
  3. Use a frying pan, heat oil on medium heat. Add a knob of butter. When the butter melts, add onion, and cook until translucent, yet still with crisp texture. Set aside and let cool.
  4. In a large bowl, mix the salmon, pork, onion, mashed potato and whisked egg thoroughly. Season with salt and pepper.
  5. Use wet hands to shape the mixture into 10 to 12 small balls, then press flat into mini burgers shape.
  6. Heat oil in a frying pan. Pan fry salmon cakes over medium heat until cooked, lightly brown on both sides. Serve hot with this sweet and sour cucumber, or any salad as desired.

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  1. easy nutritious delicious appetizer finger-food!

  2. You are right Christine - this recipe is definitely a saver - am a big salmon fan. I like the fact that there is pork too in the recipe.

  3. Salmon patties are my favourite as well. You added minced pork? Have to give that a go next time

  4. These are ideal for a quick lunch if they are pre-made and frozen.

  5. Definitely want to try this delicious finger food, looks so crispy and I'm sure the kids will love this.

  6. Salmon is really cheap here. I love making salmon fish cakes too. Your salmon cakes look very tempting! Love the addition of minced pork. Must be packed with flavour!

  7. I love those cutlets! They look fingerlicking!

  8. love these salmon patties... great finger food!

  9. What kind of sauce is over the salmon cakes?

  10. Am I supposed to dice or slice the onion?

    1. Hi Daisy,
      Dice the onion. It helps add texture into your fish cakes.

  11. Are the minced salmon and pork cooked or raw when you form the salmon fish cakes?

    1. The salmon and pork are raw. They will be cooked through after pan-frying.
      Don't cook them first, otherwise you can't make fish cakes as they won't stick together if cooked.

  12. Can I bake the salmon fish cakes instead of frying?

  13. hi Christine, can I use canned salmon for this?

  14. Hi there,
    You can use canned salmon. It'll work.

  15. Should I freeze them before I pan fry them or after?

  16. Hi Zoe,
    I often freeze them after pan-frying them. In this way, you can keep them for a longer time.
    When you need them, simply reheat them.